Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wednesday August 2nd 2017

A1. Deadlift @ 30X1, 4 reps x 5 sets rest rest:60 -- heavier than 2 weeks ago
A2. Standing Strict Press, 4 reps x 5 sets rest :60 -- heavier than 2 weeks ago
B. EMOM x 21 min:
1st min: Cluster Power Clean, 4.4 (do 1st @ 0 and 2nd @ :30)
2nd min: Cluster Deficit Kipping hspu, 4.4 (same as above)
3rd min: Rest
**Make weight similar to last week. Weight should be challenging on 2nd cluster but pretty close to perfect**
C. 3 sets:
Gh Raises, 15 reps -- move as consistent as possible
rest 1 min
Standing OH Banded Tricep Ext, 15 reps https://youtu.be/ioMF-2ErRLw
rest 1 min


  1. А1. 160 kg
    A2. 67.5 kg
    B. 95 kg

  2. This first part was medium not hard like i tough
    A. 315

    B. Emom
    195 - I tough was supposed to do all TNG so i did
    only got 4 sets , than 5 set i satrt doing singles but is too late i aleready DNF so did 5 sets

    C. will do tomorrow.

    i dont tell you coach bit this week and part of last week i did alot of bycling because next week i pretend to bike/camping SF to LA , so my endurance IS not very good for bicycling (i sucks), but my cardio is pretty good!

  3. A1.) 180 lb
    A2.) 77 lb
    B.) 100 lb
    4 inch
    C.) Done

  4. A1. 315x 3..325 last 2 sets
    A2. 135x 3..145 last 2 sets
    B. 165x5 sets 155x1 set 135x1 set
    2 45's on each side x 5 sets dropped down to a 45 and 25 for last 2 sets
    C. Done

  5. A1. 245
    A2. 105-110-110-115-115
    B. 125 for 3 sets then 135 for remaining. 5 inches