Thursday, August 3, 2017

Friday August 4th 2017

A. Power Clean & Push jerk, 2 rep T&G--- work to tough set.
B. 1 Unbroken Complex every 2 minutes x 6 sets
3 T&G Power Clean 
3 T&G Hang Squat Clean 
3 Push Jerk
*Try and push your limit here since there is no 4 minute amrap. Maybe close to last week?*
C. Back squat, 3 reps moderately challenging reps x 5 sets rest 2-3 min  (figure 77.5%- 82.5%RM)
D. GHD sit ups,15 reps x 4 sets rest 1m30 bt sets


  1. A. 275lb -- 295lb (F)- couldn't re grip the T&G on 2nd PC
    B. 225lb (same weight as 2 weeks ago. Was very painful. legs felt like I did lactic rowing. Hurt so good
    C. 355lb (just under 80%)
    D. Abs of steel

  2. A.) 125 lb
    B.) 95 lb....death
    C.) 155-155-155-160-160
    D.) Done

  3. A. 215 (should have went 225)
    B. 175 2 sets 155 4 sets
    C. 245-245-245-255-255

  4. A. 215 Jerk is a problem maybe w/ split will be better
    B. 165 not good, not very hard but UB and for Cardio was bad , think the right choice in this moment.
    C. 275
    d. done

  5. A. 225
    B. 185*4 165*2 (failed jerk at 185, dropped weight cause I'm frail)
    C. 275-->295