Monday, August 7, 2017

Tuesday August 8th 2017

30 min Clock @ 70% effort:
10 Cals on AB
3 L-Leg Pistols
3 R-Leg Pistols
15 Cals on Rower
7-15 Kipping HSPU (whatever is  smooth and EZ)
400m Run
1 Legless Rope Climb
1 Rope Climb with legs


  1. 3 + 400 m run
    46-48 RPM on AD
    1:10-1:13 on rower
    10 HSPU
    2 min run

  2. 4 rounds.
    Read this earlier in the day as 7-10-15 hspu. So took that as 7 ub 10 ub 15 ub each round. Oops. Did a bit more than was intended.

    1. Wow! Sorry about that oversight bud.
      Was basically using samples of reps that might fit within people's wheelhouse. Few people at our gym were a little thrown off as well so I changed it. Hope those shoulders aren't too smoked for tomorrow.

  3. Pretty sure I did 5 full rounds.

    Airbike: 55-60
    Pistols good
    Row 1000 cal avg
    Handstands all 10s
    Run about 2 minutes per 400
    Rope climbs no issue.

  4. 3 rounds + 12 cals

    Ditto from Ben, 32 reps on HSPU- went UB on first round then broke at 23 and 20 the next 2 rounds

  5. Started on Row
    4 rounds + 7 cal on bike
    Bike-53-55 rpm
    Row-45-50 seconds
    400m-No clue the time but good
    Rope climb-Good, just need to clean up footwork