Monday, July 31, 2017

Tuesday August 1st 2017

Start @ station 1 and Every 3 minutes move to the next x 4 sets 
station 1 Airbike @ 70% EFFORT
station 2 Row @ 70% EFFORT 
station 3 Run @ 70% EFFORT 
Before Each Airbike perform 3/3 Pistol Squats + 1 Rope climb 
Before Each Row perform 10-15 Unbroken Toes to bar 
Before Each Run Perform 50ft handstand walk 


  1. Bike-56-58 rpms
    -pistols/rope climb-Done
    Row-1:56-1:58/500m pace
    -12/12/12/15 toes to Bar
    Run-400ish m
    -average of 20 feet for handstand walk unbroken. Still working on it

  2. Bike: 58-60 rpms
    Row: 15 ttb each set + 1:54-1:56/500m pace
    Run: a little less than 400m (ran on assault air runner, that thing is death)

  3. Bike 58/60
    Row 1:58/2:03
    Run i dont Know

  4. Bike: 46-49 RPM
    Row: 2:16-2:22
    Run: 300 meter-ish

  5. Bike --used Airdyne didn't track RPM but most likely 57 ish
    Row: all 15s and 2:05
    Run: Ran 400 and usually had a couple of 2nds before pistols would start
    -- Great sweat; good moderate breathing

  6. Completed. subbed for legless RC, 15 UB T2B, subbed for ski erg instead of run. Subbed 10 shoulder taps on wall for the 50ft HS walk

  7. Completed it all. Great sweat and pump.

  8. Completed. Legless rope. 15 t2b. handstand walk and ski erg for the run.