Monday, October 31, 2016

Tuesday November 1st 2016

4 Sets @high effort
30 DU's
15 KBS (32/24kg)
15 Burpee to 6" touch
30 cal AB
Rest 3:30 b/w sets
*Do sets 2/4 in reverse order

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Monday October 31st 2016

This weeks comp blog follower that we are introducing is

Артем Володько


 1) Where do you currently train? Country/gym type.
Belarus, Brest, normal fitness-gym with "Concept 2" :)
2) How long have you been training in this sport?

 1,5 years.
3) Any sports background?

No sports background.
4)  Do you have aspirations to compete in Crossfit Open, Regionals/Games? Have you been doing so?

In the future, there is a goal to competitive at Open.
5) Favorite lift and movements?

Vertical/gorizontal presses.
6) What movements do you need to work on?

Squat, deadlift, all Oly lifting, pull-ups, DU's and "pistols".
7) Long term goals of training?

Good to competitive at the Open. Become a smart coach.


A. Power Clean; 1 rep every minute for 5 Min @75-80% 1RM
B. Clean; 1 rep every minute until failure; start @70% and add 5-10lb/ set
C. Back Squat; 3-3-2-2-1-1; rest 2-3m (heavy, but no grinders)
EMOM for 15 Minutes:
1st: 3-5 Unbroken Muscle Ups
2nd: 20 Wall Balls AFAP 20lb/14lb
3rd: :30 Row @ 85% effort

Friday, October 28, 2016

Saturday October 29th 2016

5 Rounds For Time:
1,000m Row 
15 Thrusters @75lb/55lb
15 Burpees
15 C2B Pullups 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Friday October 28th 2016

A. Power Snatch; 1 rep every 30s for 10m (use about 70% 1RM psnatch -- this shouldn't crush you)
B. Front Squat @ 20x1; 5-3-1-5-3-1; rest 2-3m

5 sets:
Tng DL; 8 reps
rest :60Strict UB Hspu, max reps
rest :60

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wednesday October 26th 2016

A. Split Jerk Cluster; 1.1.1 x 4 sets, rest 20s/2min
B1. Strict Press; max UB reps @ 10RM (from last week), rest 90s
B2. Weighted Pronated Pullup; 8-7-6  rest 90s x 3 sets (make these nearly max efforts. The odds are if you do your set of 8 properly, then you most likely will use the same weight for the set of 7)

For time:
C2B Pullups
Overhead Squat @125/80lb 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tuesday October 25th 2016

1000m Row @75-80%
Rest 2m
500m Row @ 80-85%
Rest 1m
250m Row @ 85-90%
Rest 4 min
x 2 Sets
6 Mile AB @ 75% 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Monday October 24th 2016

Introducing Alex Zomerfeld for this week's HP-Athlete

1)Where do you currently train?
Port CrossFit/Quinnipiac University
2)How long have you been training in this field of sport?
A little over a year
3) What is your background in training/sports you played growing up?
Always worked out, played multiple sports growing up, college lacrosse and still currently play professional lacrosse
4) Do you currently have any aspirations to compete in the open or regionals? Have you been doing so?
Would love to compete in open/regionals
5) What is your favorite lift/movement?
6) What movement do you need to work on?
Snatch and gymnastics
7) What are your long term goals in training? (more than 2 years)

A. Power Clean. Squat Clean; 1.1 x 5, rest 10s/2m  (drop power clean and rest :10 before squat clean)
B. Back Squat; 3-2-1-3-2-1; rest 2-3m (2nd wave heavier)
4 Sets- Max Reps:
:30 Back Squat @50% 1RM
Rest 30 sec
:60 Wall Balls
Rest 2 min
C. GH Raises @ 30X0; 8-10 x 3 sets, rest 2m  (modify harder or easier as desired)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Saturday October 22nd 2016

5 sets:
Strict Handstand Push ups, 5-10 reps
Run 200m @ 70% effort
rest :60
Kipping Handstand push ups, 10-15 reps
Row 200m @ 70% effort
rest :60

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Friday October 21st 2016

Just in case any of you have a question on the programing; I will get back to you much faster by either emailing me at or messaging our facebook page. Often times I dont check the results until the following week when doing the program. - Kyle Tiringer

A. Power Snatch. Squat Snatch. OHS; 1.2.3- build to a tough set  (T&G power and both Sq sn)
B. Front Squat @20x1; 6-4-2-6-4-2; rest 2-3m
3 Sets:
max UB strict pullup cluster x2 (20s b/w)
Rest 1 min 

rest additional 3 min 
3 Sets:
max UB strict pullup cluster x2 (20s b/w)
Rest 1 min

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wednesday October 19th 2016

A. Split Jerk; 3-3-2-2-1-1; rest 2m
B1. Strict Press; build to a 10RM
B2. WTd pronated strict pullup; build to a 5RM
Kipping Deficit HSPU @ 6"/3"
Power Clean @135 /95lb

Monday, October 17, 2016

Tuesday October 18th 2016

20 Sets:
:05 sec AB Sprint- All Out
:55 sec AB- slow spin 
6 Rounds:
250m Row @ 80-85% effort
250m Row @ low effort 

30:00 Assault Bike @ 120-140 BPM - if HRM is applicable 
*If not; this should be a consistent RPM w/ limited muscular & "aerobic" fatigue. Maybe, lightly breathing/sweating*

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Monday October 17th 2016

This weeks Athlete spotlight James Cashin. James has been following our competitor blog for over a year now. A few solid numbers Id like to add to his spotlight.
Split jerk @ start 225lb; Now 280lb
Snatch @ start 145lb; Now 205lb
Clean @ start 225lb; Now 275lb
*All this being done with maintaining aerobic ability. i.e 2k at about 7 min; 1 mile run at about 6:15; and 10 min max cals on assault @ 165 cals
James Cashin @ Beast of the East 2015

1) Where do you currently train? Country/type of gym 
Port CrossFit
Port Jefferson Station, NY
2) How long have you been training in this field of sport? 
A year and a half
3) What is your background in training/ sports you played growing up?
College lacrosse
4) Do you currently have any aspirations to compete in the open or regionals? Have you been doing so?
I'm planning on competing in the open next year. 
5) What is your favorite lift/movement?
Squat clean
6)What movement do you need to work on?
7) What are your long term goals in training? (more than 2 years)
Remain healthy and injury free is my top priority. I would also like to compete in the open and improve my ranking year by year

A. Squat Clean. Below knee Hang squat Clean; 1 complex OTM for 6 min @ about 70%rm of sq clean 
B. Back Squat; 3 reps x 8 sets; rest 2:30-3:00 (heavier than last week)
EMOM for 12 Minutes:
1st- 10 UB Thruster @95-115/65-75lb
2nd- :20 amrap bmu
3rd- 30 sec max DU's
Rest 6 min 
EMOM for 6 Minutes:
1st- 15 Double KB FS @16kg/arm/ 12kg/arm 
2nd- Max UB Strict C2B Pullups
3rd- Max UB Strict Pullup 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Saturday October 15th 2016

A. Push press, 3 reps every :90 x 8 sets -- start light; end heavy
20-15-10 @ steady pace (80-85%)
cals on Rower
Push Press @ 95lb/65lb

(rest 7 Minutes)
21-18-12-9-6-3 @steady pace (80-85%)
Cals On Airbike

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Friday October 14th 2016

A. Squat Snatch. Above knee Hang Snatch; 1.1x5; rest 2m
B. Front squat @31x1; 4 reps x6 sets; rest 2-3m (all tough)
C1. 10-15 TnG Power Snatch, rest 30s (75lb/55lb)
C2. 15 continuos Box jump Step Down , rest 30s (24"/20")
C3. 30 cal Row @ moderate pace, rest 3min x 4 sets

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wednesday October 12th 2016

A. Split Jerk; 3-2-1-3-2-1; rest 2m (no drop b/t reps)
B1. Push Press; 3 tough reps x 3 sets rest :60
B2. Weighted Pronated Strict CTB; 3 Tough reps x 3 sets rest :60
5 Rounds For Time
10 C2B Pullups
10 Thruster (95lb/65lb)
30 Unbroken DU's 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Tuesday October 11th 2016

For Time @80-85%
2,000m Row
800m Run
3 Mile Airbike
15 Minute Rest
For Time @80-85%
3 Mile Airbike
800m Run
2,000m Row 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Monday October 10th 2016

A. Power Clean . Above knee Hang Squat Clean. Front Squat- 1.1.1 build to a tough set 
B. Back Squat @20X1; 4 reps x 6 sets; rest 2-3m (start mod/tough)
4 sets:
10-12 TnG Power Clean
rest :4515 T2B AFAP, 
rest 45s
15 Burpee AFAP, 
rest 90s 
*Start moderate on PC, build each set, but stay UB. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Saturday October 8th 2016

Option A:
5 sets @ 85% 
10 Deadlift @185/135lb
10 Kipping HSPU
Rest 90 seconds 
rest 10 min 
+5 Rounds For Time:
200m Run @ 85% efforts 
10 Pushup @3030 tempo

Option B: 
For time: 
1000m row 
15 Ring Muscle ups / 12 Ring Muscle ups 
30 Thrusters @ 95lb/65lb

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Friday October 7th 2016

A. Sq. Snatch Cluster; 1.1.1 x 3 sets, rest 15s/2m  -- work to tough weight  and use same weight for all 3 sets
B. Front Squat @20X1; 5 reps x 5, rest 2m
10 Sets:

2 Tng PC & Push Jerk @ 65% (CJ max)
5 sec Assault Bike @100%
Rest 60s
5 min AMRAP:
15 Unbroken OHS @75#/55lb
20 C2B Pullups
25 UB DU x 3 sets (this is a total of 75 DU before you go back to the OHS)

Option B: 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15minutes of 10-8-6-4-2: 

  • Hang Power Cleans 
  • Lateral Over-the-bar Burpees 
  • Toes-to-bar 
* After finishing the round of 2 reps, increase the weight of your barbell and start again on the round of 10.
This workout will be scored as the total repetitions completed within the 15 minute window.
The tie-breaker is the time it takes to complete the first full round of 10-8-6-4-2.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wednesday October 5th 2016

 T-Flo Gettin' it done!

A. T&G Push Jerk; 3 tough reps every 2m30 x 5 sets-- build to  at least 80-85%RM before starting sets
B. Clean Pull; 5 reps @ 95%RM x 5 sets, rest 2m (reset b/t every rep)
EMOM for 15 Minutes:
1st: 10 UB Push Press @ 95-115lb/ 65lb-75lb
2nd: 12-15 KB Swing @ 32kg/24kg
3rd: 10 step down box jump @ 30/24""

Monday, October 3, 2016

Tuesday October 4th 2016

6 Sets:
500m Row @ 2k PR pace
Rest 2m b/w sets
*rest 5m b/t 3rd and 4th set
12 Sets:
:05 Assault Bike Sprint
:55 Slow Spin
10 Minute Run @ low effort

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Monday October 3rd 2016

Todays athlete spotlight is going to be a combined one. Both Jessica Song and Benjamin Little have been training together for quite sometime. Here is a a little bit about their background.

Ben & Jess in Co-ed team competition 

Jessica Song in Gold 
Benjamin Little in red

1) Where do you currently train? 
CrossFit SouthEnd in Charlotte, NC. Well rounded gym (performance & Fundamental CF classes, oly class, mobility, Competition training)
I train at Crossfit Southend in Charlotte NC.  

2) How long have you been training in this field of sport? 
4.5 years How long have you been following our blog?Since March 2015. Ben Little and I are pretty much training partners since we started HPA. It's been good to have a consistent training partner to hold some accountability. 
I have been doing "CrossFit" since 2012.  Also a brief time in 2010.

3) What is your background in training/ sports you played growing up? 
I did track in high school my junior year and was your typical globo gym rat since 2003 up until 2012... then became a CF gym rat. 

2012-2013- Participated in regular group CF classes; 2013 started incorporating strength classes and comp training. I was fortunate to have had personal programming done by my coach here at CFSE from August 2014-March 2015, experienced the high volume, high intensity 2 adays training. March 2015 to current- HPA. I enjoy the overall volume and right amount of intensity that makes the training manageable without wreaking havoc in sore muscles the next day (for the most part!)
I did all sorts of sports through High School.  The focus being around Cross Country, Track, and Baseball.  Also did some time in Swimming, Wrestling, Basketball, and Indoor soccer.  Was supposed to run XC and track for University of New Hampshire before a preseason injury.  Wrestled for UNH for 1 year.  Done.  

4) Do you currently have any aspirations to compete in the open or regionals? 
Yes and no. I do plan on participating in the 2017 open, but without the goal of seeing if I have improved next year. 
I could me motivated to make a run for a regionals team.  If convinced to do it.  Thats about it.

5) What is your favorite lift/movement? 
Power cleans, Deadlifts, Snatch (love and hate). HSPU. DT is my favorite hero wod. 
Favorite lift is Snatch.  

6) What movement do you need to work on? 
Snatch and all squatting. running...

7) What are your long term goals in training? (more than 2 years) I will always continue to train regardless, however, the priority is shifting from competing in the "Sport of Fitness" to a recreational sport (in a good way). I will continue working on strengthening my lifts, it's what I enjoy most. 1 of my weaknesses is the aerobic conditioning and it is not a top priority to improve it, just more so damage control and seeing if I can still hold my own when I get the itch to jump in with the comp athletes here on their metcons. 
To this day, I've done 19 total comps (individual and team CrossFit comps, weightlifting). Of those, 11 were individual comps and rest were team. I've come to a point where I am ready to transition as a recreational athlete and will probably participate in team comps going forward.
Long Term goals....300 # Clean.  225 Snatch.  Continue to be alive.    

A. Back Squat @ 20X1; 5 reps x 5 sets, rest 2-3m
B. Squat Clean; 1.1 every 90s x 6 sets (use moderately heavy weight, no failing)
Every 2min for 10 Minutes:
4 Wtd. Strict COVP Pronated Pullup
4 Rounds for Time:
25 UB Wall balls @ 20b/14lb
15 Strict Pullups 

5 Power Clean & OH @135/195lb