Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monday April 17th 2017

A. Snatch Pull . Squat Snatch . Above knee Hang squat Snatch; 1.1.1complex every other min x 7 sets --last 3 sets should be all heavy and repeatable -- reset b/t snatch pull and squat snatch 
B. Front Squat; @21X1; 5 reps x 5 sets rest 2-3m (all tough set, but no grinders)
C. Strict CTB Pullups, 4-6 reps every :90 x 6 sets (use band if needed) 
20 Minutes @low effort
100ft SA Farmer Carry/arm 32kg/24kg

10 cals on assault (15 on airdyne)
50 ft L-arm Overhead Carry(32kg/24kg)
50 ft R-arm Overhead Carry(32kg/24kg)
1 min FLR on rings 


  1. A. 85/85/90/90/93/93/95 kg
    B. 130 kg
    C. 6x6
    5+100ft (assault)

  2. A. Built to 175 but failed hang snatch
    B. 205
    C. 4 reps body weight

  3. C. 6 each set
    5r + 10 Cal assault bike
    Used 80's for kb movements and 15 Cal assault bike

  4. Might have deviated from the plan... forgive my incompetence but I can assure everyone my heart was in the right place ;-)

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  6. But I did C & D as written. Just might have hit a single on back Squat and a single on Snatch since I missed it last week.

  7. A. 65-75-85-95-100-105-110-110 * a couple failed reps
    B. 145-155-160-165-160
    C. 4 sets at 4 reps

  8. My Tech in Snatch is horrible manage w/ 175 but sucks , i dont know if because my shoulder or lack of pratice.