Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wednesday January 25th 2016

A. Deadlift, work to tough set of 3 reps 
B. 2 sets @ high effort
Deadlift 225lb/155lb
Ring Dips
rest 3 min bt sets 
C. EMOM x 8 minutes: 
1st min: 18 Russian swings @ 32kg/24kg
2nd min: 18 Push ups 


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  2. 455
    1:40, 1:18 - no real limiter but breathing got a little spicy
    Good EMOM - nothing crazy. good chest pump with light panting

  3. A. 285, meh should be better, hands were tender today
    B. 1:48 and 2:11. Ring dips were the limiting factor. DL were unbroken
    C. Subbed the 18 push ups with 40 ft Rocker barbell based weight stability lunges 10# each side (Ben did I get that right?)

  4. 400
    1:40, and 1:26-spicy but not too spicy
    Loving the chest workouts. Keep em coming

  5. A. 375
    B. i tough is just one set so. 1'20" and 2'00 hams and back tired
    c. everthing UB pain in shoulder