Thursday, August 11, 2016

Friday August 12th 2016

A. Clean Cluster, 1.1 x 6 sets, rest :05/rest 2 min (mod/ tough across- note % of 1RM used)-- these clusters should almost be a double. Drop from shoulders and quickly reset into next rep.
B. Back Squat; 3-2-1-3-2-1, rest 2-3m
C. Barbell (on back) walking lunges; find 10rm/leg (no more than :01 Reset b/t steps, Obviously this will limit the amount of weight)
D. GH Raises; 4-6 x 5 sets, rest 90s (use weight if possible)
Every 90s x 5 sets:
AMSAP Hanging L-Sit 

(arms shoulder be completely vertical with little to no compensation. If unable to acheive feet above hip crease then either do bent leg or hold w/ knees visibly above waist)


  1. D : GH raises you mean ABS , back extension or posterior chain (hams) work?

    1. GH raises... Glute-Hamstring Raises, preferably on Glute-hamstring developer. Knee flexion @ top, descend all the way into full hip flexion. Extend hip, then use hamstrings to curl back into starting position. Yes, posterior chain work.

      Anterior work or Abdominal work would be GHD sit ups.

  2. A. 185-205-215-215-215-215
    B. 245-275-305-255-285-305
    C. 155
    D. Done
    L sits 5x :10 then knees 5x :20

  3. A. 225*6
    B. 265-285-305-275-295-315(pr)
    C. 185
    D. 10# plate
    E. 25-19-15-15-15

  4. B. 185-195-205- 195-205-215
    C. 130, these were rough

  5. A.245-235-235-235-245-250 88-90%
    B. 275-295-310-285-305-330
    C. 135-hurts groin a little bit
    D. 2 10's on small bar
    E. 5X20 with knees