Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wednesday July 12th 2017

A. Split Jerk, work to max 
B. Bench Press, buid to solid single -- max if you are feeling it 
C. For time: 
Strict HSPU 
Strict Ring Dips 
Strict Pronated Pullups 
**18 min CAP**
**if you are solid at gymnastics you may not really need this time cap but if gymnastics is not really your forte then at least this will get you some honest exposure**


  1. a. 265
    b 225
    c. 12'47"
    1set in 4;20
    took 2:45 for HSPU
    Next set go Shspu until 10 , than start slow negative + kipping for 5 + set of 9

    shoulders feel more in dipsset of 15 , pullups ok

  2. A. 357lb - PR
    B. 285 lb - kept this controlled. still don't have full confidence in my right pec
    C. 6:55
    **broke this up from the beginning, so i didnt burn out, everythning except for the sets of 9 were minimum 3 sets**

  3. A. 190
    B. 135
    C. 11:36, dips and pull up were limiters.

  4. A. 287 (7# PR)
    B. 255 (PR)
    C. 16:55
    - felt the shoulder after the SJ but didnt effect BP
    - serious struggle with strict HSPU. took up the majority of the time
    - ended each round trying to bust out fast singles on hspu

  5. A.) 145 lb
    B.) 115 lb
    C.) 2 abmat strict HSPU