Monday, July 11, 2016

Tuesday July 12th 2016

A. 10 Minute EMOM: 1-3 split jerks (60-65%)
B. Weighted Pronated Pullup; build to a 2RM
C. Close Grip Bench Press @ 20X1; build to a 10RM
For Time:
Unbroken C2B Pullups

**10 min CAP**
Option A:

Accumulate 120s Hanging L-Sit
Option B:
180s Hanging Knee raise hold
*should have :20 unbroken hanging L-sit hold to do option A*


  1. A. Didnt do because the knee
    B. 83lbs
    C. 165
    D. 5'52" - i will start pratice butterfly again, you recommend specific day por the week?
    É. Option A

  2. A. 155*3
    B. 58
    C. 175
    D. 2:54
    Option A

  3. A. 175x3
    B. 80# might be a PR
    C. 205x10 PR hit 225 for 7 which is a rep PR
    D. Went unbroken to last rep of 9 and failed at 3:15 then couldnt recover, failed twice before finishig around 9:49
    E. Option B

  4. A.160x4 sets, 165x2 sets, 175x2 sets, 185x2 sets. Don't know my 1 rep max
    B. 70
    C. 205
    D. 5:30
    E. Option B

  5. A. 165 x 3reps
    B. 70# This was old 1 rep
    C. 175#
    D. 3:14

  6. A. 120# 3 reps
    B. 28.5
    C. 100
    D. DNF... I broke on the 9th set on the 8th rep at 3:09. I was on track to beat my previous time from March, I just stopped once I broke.

  7. A.155 x 3
    B. 70lbs
    C. 185 9 1/2 reps. did 180 for 10 after
    D. unbroken through 8 rounds under 3min. then hit a huge wall (opened up my hands) finished 6:28
    E. option B