Sunday, July 10, 2016

Monday July 11th 2015

A. Back Squat; AMRAP(-1) @ 70% 1RM x 3 sets rest 3-5 min 
B. Power Clean; 1 single every :90 x 10 successful sets (moderate/ tough) -- approx 90% give or take a few depending on how you are feeling
For Time:
150 Wall Balls 20lb to 10ft/14lb to 9ft
*Max UB reps to start
@ low effort

10 Minute Airbike
10 min row  or Row
-Note % of max used for PC on part B
-report score for tester as "Total time/ max UB" along with limiting factor- i.e shoulder fatigue, leg fatigue, breathing etc. 


  1. very hard the knee pain today , stop on warmup for squats
    Did some PC with 205 from box belowe knee

    WB 50UB (1'33") finish in 8'10 , could manage the pain , but always is a lack of shoulder endurance in WallBall

  2. A. 20-11-11 @220 20 rep PR
    B. 215x4 225x6 91%x4 96%x6
    C. 50 UB 8:35 PR
    -all shoulder fatigue
    -breathing was somewhat heavy because of lactate build up in shoulders, none was felt in my legs

  3. A. 25-16-15 @215
    B. 220*10 -90%
    C. 10:11
    55 reps

    -first half shoulders died out
    -second half lower back was the biggest factor and shoulders caught second wind

  4. A. 245 16-16-16
    B. 135-225-totally screwed this up by not sticking with my 90% for my 10 sets.
    C. 6:53/52 reps
    -1st workout after Vegas, but shoulders got to me

  5. A. 12-12-11 @205
    B. 205 x 10 sets
    C. 10:07 (51 Reps)

  6. Coming back from a comp on Sunday. Did this on Tuesday. On Monday did 48 mins of assault bike intervals to flush out.
    A. 11-10-10 @ 155#
    B. 155#