Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuesday September 20th 2016

Coach Kyle Tiringer

Id like to slowly introduce our followers to one another. Each week I would like to spotlight one of our athletes to help grow the camaraderie on the blog. It will also give me a little background knowledge what interests you have in training. Please email me at answering the following questions and a pic of you in action.

1) Where do you currently train? Country/type of gym
2) How long have you been training in this field of sport?
3) What is your background in training/ sports you played growing up?
4) Do you currently have any aspirations to compete in the open or regionals? Have you been doing so?
5) What is your favorite lift/movement?
6)What movement do you need to work on?
7) What are your long term goals in training? (more than 2 years)

A. Thruster, build to moderate triple from the ground
EMOM for 20 Min:
1st: 10 UB Thrusters @ 95lb/65lb -- scale weight up or down if needed
2nd: 30-50 UB DU's

3rd: 8-12 UB Ctb
4th: 12 step down box jump @ 24"/20"
20 Minutes low effort Assault Bike or 15 minute low effort run 


  1. A. 155 for 3, went for a 1 RM at 165. PRs for both.
    B. Completed (50 UB DU except for 1 set), 10 UB C2B

  2. A. 205 for 3. This was old 1RM.

  3. А. Split Jerk, 75 kg!
    3rd: 20 UB push-ups
    4th: rest
    2 sets, 85% efforts:
    - 2000 m row, 8:50-8:45

  4. I travel for 3weeks do thats why i didnt post