Monday, February 22, 2016

Tuesday February 23rd 2016

10 min - Game pace effort
50 DU's
2 Thrusters @ 115lbs/75lb
50 DU's
4 Thrusters @ 115lbs/75lb
50 DU's
6 Thrusters @ 115lbs/75lb
10 min rest
15 sets:
30 sec Rowing @ 85-90%
30 sec Rowing @ 50%
--15 min rest
15 min @ low effort
10 cal Assault
5 R Leg Pistols
15-20ft Unbroken HS Walk
5 L Leg Pistols
20 sec Hollow Body Hold


  1. 7 rounds + 16 thrusters
    (My Dubs are garbage lately)

    Didn't get to finish, due to an appointment to have my stitches removed

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  3. Hi guys , when you will start a new testing phase? You will construct a "avatar" for training in the same Opex ways ? Thanks

    1. Hey Central fitness our new avatar will be constructed when the open comes to an end. I will watch our followers through the duration of the open and along with their results listed on the blog... I will develop a new avatar leading into a post season/preparatory phase. I've studied countless hours with James Fitzgerald, and worked with Max El-Hag from training think tank but ultimately we all develop our own style.... I do however share many of the same views.

  4. A. Made it to the 12 thrusters but only completed 8
    C. 5 rounds + 3/4 attempts at HS walk on the wall

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  6. A. Finished round of 12 +11 dubs
    B. Done
    C. 3 rounds