Monday, January 18, 2016

Tuesday January 19th 2016

At this point going into the open we are announcing a freeze on any incoming individual program design clients. We will be taking new applicants once the Crossfit Games Open finishes its 5th week. Any questions feel free to contact me
-Kyle R. Tiringer

AM -Training
10 sets @ high effort/85-90%:
20 cal AirBike
5 Pull-ups
4 Chest to Bar
2 Bar Muscle-ups
2 min b/t sets
*Perform all reps without coming off bar

PM - Training
10 sets @ 85-90%/high effort:
20 cal Rowing
40 DU's
4 Strict HSPU to tough Deficit + 4 Kipping HSPU to same deficit
2 min b/t sets

*If Unable to do multiple sessions in a day then perform 7 sets of "AM" and 7 sets of "PM" with 10 minutes rest b/t segments.


  1. Comp on Saturday. Not the best week to pick back up on two a days. Will mix and match while doing some work out run through. Will be back following on Monday.

  2. AM
    Tried to perform Unbroken and missed every Bar Muscle Up

    Did HSPUs with no deficit