Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monday February 1st 2016

A. Above knee Hang Power Snatch . T&G Power snatch . Overhead Squat , work to tough set taking 8-10 sets w/ 2 minutes b/t sets 
B. Front Squat, build to tough set of 3

C. Front Squat, 3 reps @ 92% of part B x 3 sets rest 3 min b.t sets 
D. Strict Press . Push Press . Push Jerk, 1.3.4 -- work to  tough set w/o dropping bar --T&G all push press and all push jerk
For time:

10-1 Ladder
Push press 115lb/75lb 
HR push ups 


  1. Is Part C supposed to be 3 reps?? (Please say yes please say yes)

  2. A. 65kg
    B. 110kg
    C. 101kg(could only do 3 reps)
    D. 65kg(strict press 5kg PB )
    E. 6:56