Monday, August 24, 2015

Tuesday August 25, 2015-

6 Minute Running Clock:
1k Row @2-3s faster than 30m TT pace
AMRAP in remainign time of...
10 T2B
50m Sprint
(4m AB @low effort as rest)
x3 sets
20m AB @low effort 

HPA - power 
A. Split jerk, build to 1rm
B. Standing strict press, build to 1rm
15 sets @ 85% effort
Row 10 cals
Unbroken Handstand walk 10-20ft
4-6 Unbroken strict handstand push ups
rest :60 b/t sets 


  1. No power posted. Did instead:

    A. heavy single snatch. 195# missed 205 a few times.
    B. Chest 2 bar from yesterday. 9:57
    4 rounds with 25# vest:
    10 air squat
    8 burpee over the box
    6 HSPU
    4 Pullup
    1 MU+1 Rope climb

    This was some of the comeback work for other Power athlete Jess Song. Trying to get her legs and lungs back. It was terrible.

  2. Gold.

    Again subbed sit ups for t2bb bc if thumb. Did 20 sit ups for the 10 t2b Starting to get some grip strength back in that hand with less pain.

    Rows were 2:03.4/2:02.9/2:03.3. TT pace was 2:06.0. Got just under 2 rounds each set (was in 2nd 50m Sprint when time was up).

  3. Guys, I complete apologize for anyone who may have missed there workout both Tuesday and wednesday. I accidentally put Powers workout logged in for next week workouts. Sorry for any inconvenience!