Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday August 28, 2015-

A. High Hang PC. Hang PC; 2.2x3, rest 2m (no drop)
B. Front Squat; 5x5, rest 2-3m (note % of 1RM used here)
:07 Assault Bike @100%
:53 AB- slow spin
x16 sets
*rest 3m after set 8.
C1. Wtd. Back Extension; 10-12x3, rest 1 min
C2. Lateral Lunge; 5/5x3, rest 1 min (wtd w/ KB in front rack if easy)

HPA - Power 
A. Squat Clean, work to max
B. Back Squat, work to tough single
C. Back Squat, 1 reps @ 94% of part B x 3 sets rest 2-3 min
D. Split jerk, 1 rep every :30 @ 70-75%RM x 10 minutes
@ low %
1000m row
800m jog
3 min Assault  


  1. A. 145/155/165. This was kind of a tester for my grip. Still really weak on the hand w/the thumb injury. But progress since I can at least wrap a thumb around the bar. Could've definitely gone heavier w/o injury, but felt good to pick up a bar w/little to no pain. Working my way back.

    B. 195/195/200/200/200 - Right at 80%
    done. Sucked.
    C1/C2 done later at home.

  2. Power:
    A. 255# Went ahead and jerked it as well for c and j PR.
    B. 315#
    C. completed