Sunday, August 30, 2015

Monday August 31, 2015-

A. Muscle Snatch. PS. Sn; 1.1.1x4 sets, rest 20s/ 2m (increase load b/w ea movement in cluster)
B. Box Squat @21x1; 2-3x5, rest 2-3m
10 Rounds For TIme:
2 PC @80%
4 Bar Facig Burpee
6 Sets:
6-8 BS @3030 tempo (30% 1RM)
Rest 30s b/w sets
*rest 5m after 3rd set

HPA - Power 
A) Front Squat @ 22X1, work to moderately challenging single
B) Touch and Go Power Clean, build to tough 3 rep
For time:
10 power clean @ 155lbs/115lb
10 lateral barbell burpees
10 power clean @ 135lbs/95lb
10 lateral barbell burpees
10 power clean @ 115lbs/75lb
10 lateral barbell burpees
*Set-up 3 different bars
*Best Times sub 2 min*


  1. Gold.

    A. First day putting a bar over my head. Only did 2 sets here. Still a fair amount of pain in the thumb at the catch, but progress. Just stayed light and went 65/85/105

    B. 205/210/210/210/205 - got some video of a set I'll upload tomorrow. Felt good on these. Three reps each set. Lowere target a couple of inches each if last three sets.
    6:20. Halfway split was 2:50. Time last week was 7:54
    Done at 95#

  2. Power:
    A. 250
    B. 215
    2:28 - Not sure where to make up :28 and get under 2:00. Move faster. All sets were unbroken. 115 feels like 155 by the end.

  3. Power:

    1st week back at 100% post laparoscopic surgery.
    A. 145 (overall legs were weak from get go and they've gotten more weak after post op)
    B. 135
    C. 3:21- broke the PC in 5s.