Sunday, August 16, 2015

Monday August 17th, 2015-

A. Front Squat; 3-2-1-3-2-1; rest 3m
B. Power Snatch; 1 rep OTM for 15 Minutes @70%
C. Snatch Pull; 2 reps every 90s x5 sets @100-105% sn max (drop b/w reps)
EMOM for 20 Minutes
1st: 2 tough WPU
2nd: 7 second AB sprint @100% (record highest wattage achieved)
3rd: 30 sec AMRAP Burpee BJ @30"
4th: Rest

-We'll be hitting testers on TuesdayWednesdaySaturday this week (wed/sat will be sport specific)- Plan accordingly. 

-In addition to Thursdays programmed rest well also be taking Friday off this week. I recommend using this day for restoration based work. This can include easy cyclical work, freestyle movement work, skills, or time spent working of movement/ tissue quality- let me know if you need suggestions. 

HPA - Power 
A. Power Snatch cluster, 2.2 (rest :10 b/t clusters)
B. Front Squat Cluster @ 50X1, work to double
C. "Paused" Strict COVP Pullup @ 10X2, work to tough double
For time:
1-6 Unbroken strict COVP Pullups
7-12 Unbroken CTB Pullups
*Scale is:
1-6 Unbroken strict pullups
7-12 Unbroken Pullups 


  1. Gold

    A. 245x3, 265x2, 285x1, 255x3, 275x1, 300x1
    B. 155
    C. 225

    1st: bw+40 all sets
    2nd: 115 rpm, 117, 119, 121, 119
    3rd, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9

    First day on gold program, nice day to ease into program. Haven't squatted in 2 weeks due to vacation and try out for comp team last week, not sure if I made it yet but close. Only rep that slowed was 300, little grind. Snatches easy, pulls felt good, emom felt good, took one round to get rythym on burpee box jumps.

  2. @Mr Binford - Glad to have you on board!

    Had to pass on the snatches today b/c of my thumb. Making progress, but guess I'm probably still a week away from doing any serious pulling. Same with pull-ups. Gave them a go, but not happening. Subbed some barbell rows for the pull-ups, which were tolerable.

    A. 215/225/235; 220/230/240
    B. Skipped due to UCL injury in thumb
    C. Skipped due to UCL injury - Did do some technique work for B & C just working on positions with the bar. Best I can do right now:-/
    -Barbell row x 3 @ 115...most I could hold onto
    -My AD doesn't record max wattage, but did get up to 6100 cals/hr

    Glad to have someone posting results with me. Ready to push each other...hopefully I can catch up to you a bit and push you some.

  3. I'm sure some stuff especially longer stuff you will beat me on, today was just kinda up my alley, short with rest.

  4. Power:
    A. 155
    B. 245

    Need to make up the remainder.

  5. POWER
    A. 155
    B. 235 (1 rep tie)
    C. 63#
    D. 11:27

  6. GOLD

    A. 275,300,330,300,335,365
    B. 165#
    C. 235,235,235