Friday, August 21, 2015

Saturday August 22, 2015-

A. Clean & Jerk; build to a max
14 Minute AMRAP:
60 cal Row
50 T2B
40 Wall Balls
30 Power Clean @135
20 Muscle Ups
20 Minutes of free style movement @low effort 

HPA - Power 
A. Squat Snatch Cluster, 1.1 @ 70%RM x 8 sets rest 1m30
4 sets @ effort
5 Box jumps @ 24"/20"
5-10 UB Ring Muscle ups
rest 2 min b/t sets
4 sets @ 90% effort
250m row @ 70% effort
15-25 UB kipping HSPU
rest 2 min rest b/t sets
4 sets @ high effort
250m row @ 70% effort
1 rope climb to 15ft
5 clappping push ups
5 HR push ups
5 Push ups
rest 2 min b/t sets
4 sets @ 90% effort
100m run
5 Box jumps 24"/20+
10-20 Unbroken Toes to bar

*Large margins in rep ranges are being used today. I want everyone to hit the volume that they are capable of. In no way are these sets supposed to be to failure however feel free to test your repeatable limits and work toward slightly uncomfortable rep ranges*  


  1. Gold

    A. 255, 275 missed jerk, 275 missed jerk - not too dissatisfied with this considering last few weeks

    14 min AMRAP
    60 cal airdyne (had to sub cause I had no access to rower today, took about 3 mins, similar to rower)
    50 toes to bar - 15, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 2, 2, 2
    40 wall balls - 20, 10, 5, 5
    22 cleans - all singles started cleans around 3 min mark maybe

    20 mins zone 1

    I have dont pretty much zero heavy lifting int he last 3 weeks due to vacation, tryout for team comp, then testing this week so I am actually pretty happy with clean and jerk, just missed 275 twice, PR at moment is 285. I also lifted in nike metcons, trying to have less reliance on oly shoes so have been doing majority of my training, including strength work in metcons. Limiter for tester today was pretty evenly muscle fatigue and breathing, breathing was harder than wednesdays tester but I'd say the reason I had to break reps could be muscle fatigue first and breathing second. Pretty happy with result today considering I have almost never done anything this long at this kind of effort level. Tried to keep breaks short and keep moving as much as possible.

  2. Bc of thumb no t2b. Subbed 100 sit ups. Tried to pick a number there that I thought would take about the same as the t2b would've. At least in the neighborhood, I think.

    Got through 28 cleans. Row was about 3:15, sit-ups were about 4.5 minutes. Wall balls went 13/10/9/8. Went 3s for a couple on the cleans, then went to quick singles. Took about a 10-15 second break at 15 cleans. Regret that since I could've gotten all 30 otherwise.

    1. Firgot to include...started cleans at 10:47 in.

    2. Ha. Also, didn't do the max clean and jerk. Still definitely no jerking and pulling heavy cleans wasn't agreeable. Think I can get up to about 80% weight wise on cleans without issues but beyond that...probably another week or two of healing. So frustrating.