Sunday, August 23, 2015

Monday August 24, 2015-

A. PS. Hang Snatch; 1.1 x5; rest 2m (no drop)
B. Back Squat; 5x5, rest 2-3m (note % of 1RM used here)
20 Rounds For Time:
1 Power Clean @80%
2 Bar Facing Burpee
4 Sets:
8-10 BS @3030 tempo (30% 1RM)
Rest 30s b/w sets

-limit ROM on BS. Stop right below parallel, and do not lock knees out all the way at top. quad is to maintain tension throughout. 

HPA - Power 
A. Power Snatch, take about 7 sets to get to 1RM
B. Front Squat, work to max
C. Front Squat, max reps @ 85% from highest of part B
D. Front Squat, max reps @ 66% from highest of part B
(Take about 5 minutes between B,C&D)
For time:
5 Unbroken CTB x 20 sets
*if best set of UB CTB is less than 10 reps then scale 3 UB CTB x 20* 


  1. Power:
    A. 165
    B. 270
    C. 230x6
    D. 178x15
    Make up.

    1. +
      9:57. I think maybe I rested more than I needed on this. My Butterfly did not feel very fluid today either.

    2. This was 2:30 faster than my time in late April

  2. Gold

    A. Skipped again b/c of thumb. Remind me that thumb injuries are the devil. Can finally wrap my thumb around the bar, but still can't go overhead w/a barbell in my hand.

    B. 235 across all sets. Worked on keeping torso upright. Noticed I had been folding over when fatigued. This is about 79% of 1RM.
    Power Cleans @ 165# (1RM PC somewhere around 205, maybe 210). First 10 rounds done in 3:42, last 10 rounds done in 4:12
    done @ 100# (33%)

  3. POWER
    A. 165
    B. 255# 15# PR
    C. 205x5
    D. 170x 13
    E. 16.07- hands ripped