Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wednesday June 24, 2015-

1 Mile Run @85%
Rest = 1/2 Work
x3 sets

10k Row @65% 

A. Clean grip Deadlift, work to a tough set of 5
B. Drop to 85-90% of A for 5 reps x 3 sets, rest 2-3 min 
C. Push Press 3.3.3 x 3 sets, rest:20 rest 3 min 
10 Rounds for time:
30 double unders

5 strict HSPU ( no dificit)  

HPA - Power 
Snatch mod + Jerk intense + EMOM MAP High %'s
A. "Slow Pull" Squat Snatch (:03 pull), 1 rep @ 80% RM x 9 sets, 1:20 min
B. BTN Split Jerk, build to a tough-ish single
C. EMOM for 12 mins:
1st min - 10-12 OHS @ 125lb/85lb (2 sets or less)
2nd min - 12-15 C2B Pullups (2 sets or less) 


  1. Blue

    A. 265 - Really focused on keeping a good back angle throughout all reps and not letting my hips shoot up.
    B. 240/240/240
    C. 130/135/140
    8 of 10 rounds completed in 16:43. Modded and did HSPU to an abmat...that was the only way I was going to get the reps in.

  2. Power

    B. 245. Not sure what is going on with my jerks at the moment. I was not happy with this number.
    C. 12/12 . I subbed over head lunge with a more narrow grip for the over head squat. 6 each leg 12 total. CTB was done in :14-:15 and lunges were closer to :30+

  3. Power

    A. snatch cluster x 1.1.1 - 165, 185, 195, 205f (made first missed last two behind but got under both)
    B. 285 - all I had today, no pop in legs, gymnastics volume starting to take its toll
    C. 12 mins EMOM
    1st min: 10 OHS @ 125 each round - this was tough
    2nd min: CTB pullups x 12, 12, 12 (first three unbroken), 11 (8/3), 9 (6/3), 9 (5/4) - just couldn't finish last 3 rounds in 2 sets, definitely could have finished total volume, but stayed with two sets rule.

    Whew we must be in a loading cycle because I am noticing the progressively increasing volume is starting to add up. Upper back and shoulders very fatigued. This is also the 4th day in a row that I have trained and I will train again tomorrow and then hopefully will bounce back after 3 days of r & r.

    1. Also I moved the snatch cluster work today because I thought I would be fresher today than tomorrow. I wasn't terribly displeased with performance there given fatigue in upper back and shoulders. So will do slow pull snatch before clean complex tomorrow.