Monday, June 29, 2015

Tuesday June 30, 2015-

A. Push Press @31x2; 2-3x5, rest 2m
B1. Bench Press; 20 reps, rest 20s
B2. Bent Over Double Arm KB Row, 10-12, rest 20s
B3. AMRAP UB Strict Pullups, rest 2:30 x4 sets
3 Sets:
AMRAP(-1) Ring Dip + 15s Ring Support w/ external rotation
:60 Rest
15-20 Incline Rear Delt Flyes
:60 Rest
20 Minutes of targeted mobility, Z1, etc. 

HPA - Power 
Mixed MAP sets (short int/large volume)
10 sets @ high effort:
3-4 UB ring muscle-ups
6 box jumps - 24"/20"
8 kbs - 32kg/24kg
6 cals Assault
90 sec b/t sets
*Mix and match the order of movements every set. Only record fastest and slowest time. 


  1. Power:

    10/10. Fastest: 1:02. Slowest: 1:08. This was not to bad. I mean that compared to the previous few Tuesdays mix and match. It still made me wish I was doing anything else. I was happy with MU performance coming off of 40 on Monday.

  2. Power:

    10/10 subbed the muscle ups with weighted ring dips (15#). Fastest :58 slowest 1:25

  3. Following a day behind this week (couldn't get in training on Monday). Going to be giving Gold a shot for right now. Monday's session results posted on Monday...will post results for this session tomorrow.

  4. Did this today:

    A. 155/160/165/165/165 (2 reps)
    B1. 95/95/95/95 (only 11 reps on last set)
    B2. Done with one pood KB
    B3. 6/5/4/2
    Ring dips: 3/2/1 - triceps/chest were shot at this point from push press and bench
    Some mobility work on hips, worked quads just above knee

  5. GOLD

    A. 185,205,225,235,245
    *tempo was a beast here

    B1. 135x20x4
    B2. 53x12x4
    B3. 10,7,7,6

  6. POWER
    1:08-first round
    2:12- only b/c the rings were sweaty and slipped off. Last round was 1:16 @the same order as the first round

  7. Power

    10/10 - times ranged from 1:08 to 1:18. Went with 3 muscle ups. Anything where kettlebell swings preceeded box jumps sucked the worst. These may have been a tad easier than the past couple of weeks but last 3-4 rounds still sucked. I can definitely tell this style of aerobic intervals have done wonders for my fitness level.