Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wednesday July 1, 2015-

15 Minute AMRAP:
1 Mile Run
Assault Bike for cals in remaining time
Rest 7m
x3 Sets @Base Pace
*Wear HR monitor/ record data if possible. 

HPA - Power 
Snatch mod + Jerk intense + EMOM MAP High %'s
A. Squat Snatch, 1 rep @ 85% RM x 7 sets, 1:40 min
B. Split Jerk cluster, build to 1.1 with :10 rest b/t singles
C. EMOM for 10 mins:
1st min - 15 Thrusters @ 100lb/70lb
2nd min - 18 Pullups  


  1. Power:

    A. Completed all 7 sets @ 95#
    B. 160#

  2. Tuesday's workout today. Will hit thus tomorrow and leave results.

  3. 86/96. Thursdays are normal of days so had to squeeze this in. No time for 3rd round. Runs were 7:55/8;01. Heart rate between 165 and 180

  4. 86/96. Thursdays are normal of days so had to squeeze this in. No time for 3rd round. Runs were 7:55/8;01. Heart rate between 165 and 180

  5. Power:
    Cant snatch and had to coach so got the EMOM work in. Ortho follow up on Thursday AM.

    C. Completed 10/10. This was tough. I have not had a work out that got me breathing this hard in a long time. Fatigue yes but not out breathe like this.

  6. POWER
    A. 155x7 1 miss- RM is off prob could of power snatched this
    B. 230#
    C. Only finished 5/10 averaged about 7-10 thrusters and 12-15 pull ups for the remainder

  7. Power

    A. 195 - made 7 of 8 - all were fairly ugly
    B. 225, 255, 275 - again ugly but not too dissatisfied with this but wrists are very sore
    C. Finished 3 rounds and only got 14 pullups in the minute on the third round, I finished the round but was about 15 seconds into the 4th round.

    Everything was ugly and low energy today. My issue with my right knee during snatch was really bad today, my right knee wants to come in really bad on the recovery, got video that I will post on facebook page. Felt like all catches were a bit in front and the made the knee issue worse. Have no pain during this just the movement. I haven't took video from the front in a while but I definitely haven't noticed the issue with my knee like I felt it today. It really took some convincing for me to even start the conditioning and I was about to die as I started the third round of thrusters and decided I would go for 3 rounds and didn't even finish that in time frame. I am just mentally and physically gassed, every training session the last couple weeks has just been very mentally and physically challenging for me. On top of that I haven't been feeling very good, had the allergy/sinus issue, not sleeping all that well and just very run down, been a challenge to get myself up for training. I have trained several days in a row the last couple weeks though trying to get stuff in due to travel. Trained 5 days in a row last week then 3 days off, 4 days in a row this week, now I will have 3 days off again. Hopefully will recover a bit again by monday like I did last week.

    1. On a good side note I feel like I recovered faster breathing wise than the last time I did fran which is this was obviously similar too, just had crazy lactic acid build up in my arms.