Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friday June 26, 2015-

A. Front Squat; 6-4-2-6-4-2; rest 2-3m
B. Clean Pull. Power Clean. Hang Power Clean; 1.2.3; bulild to a tough set
40m Grinding Sled Push (heavy)
Rest 1 Min
x3-5 Sets
For Time:
UB C2B Pullups
25 UB DU's b/w each rung 

HPA - Power
A. Squat Snatch Cluster, 1.1.1 -- work to tough set w/ :10 b/t singles
B. Power Clean . Squat Clean Thruster . Split jerk, work to tough set (T&G Squat Clean from power clean)
C. Above knee hang power Clean . Push Jerk, 3.3 every 2 minute x 6 sets (205lb/145lb)
**If you have to scale weight, the weight that you chose should be no more than 80% of part B)
7 sets ALL OUT effort:
Row 175m
rest 3min
10 min recovery row  


  1. Tried to replicate something close to a blue workout today. Squats, cleans, an upper body pull. Did the following.

    A. Back squat, 2.2.2 x 3 sets (rest 3 minutes). 240/245/250

    B. Clean Pull.Power Clean.Hang Clean; work to a tough set. 135/155/175/185

    C. 400 m Farmer's carry. Instead of KB, use a 35# plate.

    D. 1 -> 5 ladder of chest-to-ring w/5 burpees after each round of pull-ups.

  2. Power:

    B. 205#. That 10 second pause was rough. The Thruster became the limiting factor for me. I can thruster a good bit more than 205. Just could not stand it up today.
    C. Completed. went with the no more than 80% of B. 165#. This weight was very easy.

    No 7 sets. Had to go do some team workout in prep for a team comp coming up.

  3. Power

    A. slow pull snatch - 185x1x9 sets - these were tough
    B. 165, 185, 205, 225 - tough thruster on 225
    C. 205 for 3 sets, 185 for 3 sets

    Airdyne Sprints
    25 seconds x 25 cals, 22 cals - rest 3:45

    10 min recovery ride

    Came into today very fatigued, for the second time in a month I ran a low grade fever but only for about 12-16 hours, kinda weird, have kind of a head cold allergy/sinus thing going on today. Happy with how the lifting portion went considering the fatigue, felt ok just low energy. Decided it was not smart to continue to push myself on the airdyne sprints, I was zapped and didn't want to tax myself too much. Time to recover for a few days and hit the tester on Monday at the gym. Off to see some family for 4th of July weekend.

  4. Gold

    A. 245,275,295,255,295,340
    B. 265#