Friday, June 26, 2015

Saturday June 27, 2015-

:30 Airdyne @85%
:30 Slow spin
x30 sets 

HPA - Power 
For time:
250m Row
15 KBS - 32kg/24kg
25 Burpees
15 KBS - 32kg/24kg
Row 250m
*Goal for Male competitive athletes is sub 4 minutes*
rest 10 min
For time:
Strict Pullups
Strict Ring Dips
*If unable to do more than 10 unbroken strict Pullups than scale to ring rows
*If unable to do more than 10 unbroken strict ring dips than scale to push ups 


  1. Power


    Lost 8-10 seconds having to reset rower for second 250, don't use it very often so wasn't sure how to set it so I could do the 2 intervals without having to reset. Definite lactate build up starting with about last 10 burpees. Definite build up in arms, upper back, quads, and calves. Wasn't too dissatisfied with this time because I was able to do swings unbroken and burpees with no breaks. Rowed first 250 at about 1:45/500 pace and second 250 about 1:52/500 pace but that was an all out pace by that time.

    Rested 10-12 mins

    2 rounds at moderate effort
    1000 meter row
    8 strict pullups
    400 meter run
    15 pushups

    Time: 17:42

    I am training tomorrow and will have to do 40 muscle ups and 80 handstand pushups so I chose to do some moderate aerobic work instead of the tester. Also did a pretty extensive warmup today (read Evan's article on warmups) so that added to some of the moderate aerobic volume.

    Body felt better today but overall energy is pretty low. Not been sleeping well at all, also still dealing with an allergy/sinus issue but it is getting better and sleep has improved some from a few days ago. Hopefully will sleep well tonight and have some energy tomorrow.