Monday, June 22, 2015

Tuesday June 23, 2015-

A. Push Jerk. Split Jerk; 2.1x5, rest 15s/2m
B1. CGBP; 2.2x6, rest 20s/90s
B2. Weight Strict C2B; 2.2.2x6, rest 20s/90s
For Time:
15 Strict HSPU
400m Run
2 Legless Rope Climb
Rest 2m
x4 sets

5 sets @ high effort:
Row 200m 
15 wall ball 20# to 10 ft 
12 pull up 
9 push up 
12 KBS 32kg 
15 box jump over 24"
Row 200m 
rest 3 min in between  ea set 

HPA - Power 
10 sets @ high effort:
50ft shuttle run x 2
7 chest to bar
10 wall balls - 20# to 10ft
3 burpees to 6" OH
60 sec b/t sets
*Mix and match the order of movements every set. Only record fastest and slowest time.


  1. Which program are we supposed to follow for HPA blue if nothing is posted?

  2. For power are you thinking the shuttle run is 50 ft down 50 ft back x 2 or is it 25 down 25 back x2?

    1. Ben,

      I don't think they look much on here after posting the workouts until they look at results. If you are going to keep posting I would join the HPA Competitors facebook page. We can ask questions about the workouts that get answered pretty quickly, share videos, etc. I asked Kyle the same question though as I was unsure myself, I will let you know when he responds. Been great having someone to compare results too even though I am following a about a week behind at this point!

    2. Thanks Derek. I just sent a request to join.

  3. 50 feet there and 50 feet back for two reps.

  4. Power:

    Completed. Fastest :59. Slowest :1:10. The worst combo was really just anytime the Wall Ball was later in the round.

  5. Blue

    Completed 4 sets. Was out of gas. 98 degrees and humid here today so called it a day. Left my sheet with times on it at the gym. Well grab it tomorrow and update this post

  6. Power

    10 sets - work between 65-75 seconds, subbed 5 box jumps at 30" for shuttle run. Man I hate aerobic work while doing it but feel pretty accomplished when done. About 6 sets is my comfort zone, same as last week then last 4 rounds really sucked. I do feel like I am recovering more quickly after the work is done though. Upper back is feeling fairly smoked after Nate and some strict work on Sunday, then 42 muscle ups yesterday and 70 CTB pullups today with another 72 CTB pullups tomorrow! Going to push through though because I will train tomorrow and thursday then have three days completely off due to travel, then train monday thru thursday of next week and another 3 days completely off due to travel.