Friday, September 25, 2015

Saturday September 26, 2015-

A1. Deadlift; 3-5 x5, rest 10-20s (moderate/ tough)
A2. Strict HSPU; AMRAP x5, rest 10-20s
A3. Assault Bike; 30s @90%, rest 10-20s
A4. Burpee; 15 reps AFAP, rest 3m
Run 1 Mile @80-85% effort 

HPA - Power 
A. High Hang Squat Snatch, 2 reps x 10 sets rest :60 
*Use approx 70-75% of 1rm squat snatch* 

5 min of Freestanding Handstand 

5 min of Freestanding Kipping Hspu 

10 minute low% rowing 
 *2 Strict HSPU to Deficit every 1:15 min 

2 min rest 

10 minute low% rowing 
*2 Kipping HSPU to Deficit every 1:15 min 

2 min rest 

10 minute low% airbike 
*1 Legless Rope Climb to 15ft every 1:15 min 

2 min rest 

10 minute low% airbike 
*6-10 UB Toes to Bar every 1:15 min 

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  1. Power

    A. 165 x 2 x 10 sets - this is my toughest position, got video from critique

    10 mins airdyne - 50-60RPM
    2 strict HSPU - 3" x 3 sets, 4.5" x 3 sets, 5" x 2 sets
    HR range 128-171, HR Avg 161

    10 mins airdyne - 50-55 RPM
    10" deficit kipping HSPU x 2 x 7 sets, 4 unbroken on last set
    HR Range 151-172, HR Avg 165

    10 mins airdyne - 45-50 RPM
    weighted muscle ups - 20lbs x 2 x 8 sets (no rope, these were tough but fun)
    HR Range 148-181, HR Avg 171

    10 mins airdyne - 45-50 RPM
    8 TTB x 8 sets (had to break last set 5+3)
    HR range 137-190, HR Avg 165 (forgot to breath on one set and got up to 190)

    Had to skip freestanding work again cause it looked to be a little bit longer workout and have alot of family time scheduled for today so had to prioritize. Strict HSPU went well, maybe could have done 5" deficit for all 8 sets but hadn't done them in a while so wasn't sure. 10" deficit is as deep as I can go without having my hands weight and shoulders go below the top of the plates, shoulders were resting on top of plates but head still touched the mat, if future will just add reps in a similar situation. Weighted muscle ups were fun, dip was hardest part. Still suck at TTB! If you are going to do long slow aerobic work mixing gymnastics in is the way to go, not near as boring.