Thursday, September 24, 2015

Friday September 25, 2015-

A. Clean; build to a tough single, then drop down and hit 4-8 singles @80-85%
B. Back Squat; 2-3x8, rest 3m (touhg, but no grinders- note % 1RM used)
EMOM for 5-7 Minutes:
3-5 UB Muscle Ups
Accumulate 30-50 Strict C2B Pullups- Not for time 

HPA - Power 
A. Power Snatch . Above knee hang power snatch, 1.2 work to tough set 
 B. Deadlift, work to tough T&G set of 2 reps 
C1. Bench press, 2 tough reps x 8 sets rest :50 
C2. Strict CTB Pullups, 2 reps x 8 sets rest :50 
 *C2 - Scale or upgrade movement to make sure set if tough. Stick to rep-range* 


  1. Power

    A. 155, 175, 185
    B. 405, 455
    C1. 225x2x4 sets, 235x2x2 sets, 245x2, 255x2
    C2. bw+25x2x4 sets, bw+30x2x4 sets

    Extra work
    40 yard hill sprints (maybe 30 degree angle) x 8 sets every 90 seconds
    HR Data - Max HR 175, Avg HR 161

    Very pleased with all the weights from todays session. 185 for any kind of triple is very solid for me, 175 was very smooth and done with no pauses in hang. Deadlift felt solid, no straps this week, got a finger on right hand that's been feeling like it was going to tear so strapped up on heavy sets lately. Feel like I could almost do a strict bar muscle up right now, also surprised was able to go up to 255 on bench. These friday workouts have left me amped up wanting more so I have done some alactic work, hill sprints this week. I LOVE sprinting. Felt a little pull of my knee but obviously volume was way lower than an aerobic session where I run 1.5-2 miles total so doubt I feel anything tomorrow. Bought some new shoes to use when I do any running to see if that helps at all, had been running in my metcons, definitely not the best.

  2. Power:

    A. 95#
    B. 225#
    C. Completed all 8 sets at 100#

  3. A. 175
    B. Avoiding heavy belted work for a little while. Trying to figure out some lingering abdominal pains.
    C1. 175. Press was easy. Anything heavier continues to bother shoulder.
    C2. 15#

    Was hoping to make a full comeback today. Its been an odd month or so. Between vacation, competitions, holidays, and now "injury". I don't feel comfortable doing much heavy work at the moment. Have been doing more HPA than I have posted. Just has been spread around a bit.

  4. Power

    A. 140
    B. 365
    C1. 215
    C2. 12.5
    Front squat/shoulder 2 overhead
    For time