Sunday, September 20, 2015

Monday September 21, 2015-

A. PS; 1 rep OTM until failure- start @65%, add 5-10;b/ set
B. Pause BS (1-2s); 2 reps x12 sets, rest 1 min (60% 1RM)
C1. Double Arm Neutral Grip DB Press; 8-10x5, rest 60s
C2. Chest Supported BB Row; 6-8x5, rest 60s
D. Powel Raise; 12-15x2/arm, rest 30s b/w arms 

HPA - Power 
A. Power clean & Push Jerk, touch and go double 
B. Back Squat, work to tough set of 3 reps 
C. Back Squat, 3 reps @ 93-94% of highest from part B x 3 sets rest 2-3 min 
 D. T&G Power snatch, find 10RM
*Becareful on how many sets you use for this. I would suggestion working a few sets of 3-5 T&G reps until you feel like your at the goal weight. 1 really hard set of 10 prior to your true 10RM may not allow you to reach your full potention. On the contrary, if you do happen on going "too deep" into a set and would like to try a heavier weight then be sure to rest minimum 3 minutes before moving onward.

E1.  "Moderate" DB Bulg split squats, 10 reps/leg x 3 sets rest :45 
E2. Snatch Grip RDL, 10 reps x 3 sets rest :45 


  1. Power

    A. 215, 235 - 10lb pr, just missed 245
    B. 295, 325, 335
    C. 315x3x2 sets - did several heavy sets on way up so cut it by one here plus was real tough
    D. 140x10 - 5lb pr only 1 attempt maybe some in tank but not much
    E1. 35lb DBS done
    E2. 165, 185, 185

    Was happy with today's session. Ability to do more reps at higher percentages get if better on clean for sure, not sure about snatch. Happy with back squat for now too. So the last section of today's workout should have been labeled "conditioning" not sure where my HR was but seemed tough.

  2. Power:
    a. 130
    B. Subbed for paused back squats 5 reps

  3. Substituted A with power clean ladder beginning @ 115 and increasing 10# every :60sec
    Failed @255
    B. 265
    C. 240
    D. 115
    E1. 50-40-40
    E2. 115-115-95