Sunday, September 27, 2015

Monday September 28, 2015-

A. Snatch; build to a tough single
B. Back Squat @30x1; 3x3, rest 2-3m
For Time:
Unbroken C2B Pullups
*terminate workout if you fail a set

Wednesday & Thursday off this week

HPA GOLD will have two consecutive programmed rest days this week (wednesday & thursday). I suspect your legs will be pretty sore come wednesday morning, but if your'e feeling good you can hit some light(er) upper body work (I recomend keepign volume of the low side). Friday and saturday will both be testing days so plan accordingly. 

HPA - Power 
A. Power clean & Push Jerk, touch and go double B. Back Squat, work to tough set of 5 reps C. Back Squat, 5 reps @ 91% of highest from part B x 3 sets rest 2-3 min D. Squat Snatch every :60 until 2 fails - start @ 70%RM and add 5lb per minute E1. 50ft DB walking Lunges (tough but do-able unbroken for 3 sets) x 3 sets rest :45 E2. Back Ext @ 2020, 15 reps x 3 sets rest :45


  1. Power

    A. 135, 185, 225 completed but ugly, 225 better, 240 went below parallel on second clean, tried to build too fast here today I think, needed more warmup sets to get the groove and get primed
    B. 315 - solid set, maybe some left in tank
    C. 285x5x3 sets - middle set was toughest oddly
    D. 165 up to 210, 215f, 215, 220, 225f - happy with this
    E1. DB RFESS - 45's x 8 x 2 sets rest 45 (no room for walking lunges)
    E2. snatch grip RDL - 205 x 8 x 2 sets rest 45 (nothing to do back extensions on)

    Started off sluggish today but finished strong. Just didn't have a ton of energy all day and tried to build too fast for power clean + jerk. Squat feeling good, would like to hit 405 high bar squat, haven't hit that in quite a while. Hit low bar a couple times over last few years but not high bar. Very happy with snatch especially after squat work. I had to set in the bottom for quite a while to steady the 215 and 220 makes, and stood up strong. Diet has been pretty on point and scale has moved up every so slightly to about a consistent 168 in the mornings up from 164-165. Been eating lots of clean food and I can tell it's made a difference in strength, just need to eat more now to get that scale up.

  2. Power:
    A. 215
    D. 205. 210 failx2
    E. Completed

  3. Power:
    B. 5 reps with 1 sec pause at bottom 180#
    C. 95% (171) and 90% 162 with 1 sec pause at bottom
    D. Made it up to the 6 mins mark at 101#