Thursday, September 17, 2015

Friday September 18, 2015-

A. Power Clean. Hang Power Clean; 1.3, build to a tough complex
B. Back Squat; 3 reps x6-8 sets @80% 1RM, rest 3m (control eccentric)
9 Rounds:
6 CGBP @3030 tempo (40% 1RM)
6 Chest Supported BB Row @3030 tempo (40% 1RM)
*optional 3m rest after set #5

HPA - Power 
A. Power Snatch . Below knee hang power snatch . above knee hang power snatch, 1.1.1 work to tough set 
B. Deadlift, work to tough T&G set of 4 reps 
C1. Bench press, 4 tough reps x 6 sets rest :60 
C2. Strict CTB Pullups, 4 reps x 6 sets rest :60
 *C2 - Scale or upgrade movement to make sure set if tough. Stick to rep-range* 


  1. Power

    A. 165, 175
    B. 405, 425
    C1. 205 x 4 sets, 215, 225
    C2. BW + 10 lbs for all sets

    Power snatch was solid, 165 was real smooth and touch and go, 175 a little shakey but good weight. Deadlift felt solid. Thought 205 felt tough on bench until I went up, happy with hitting 225 at the end but wouldn't have been able to do with multiple sets.

    Extra work
    10 sets
    6 second max cals airdyne
    54 second easy spin

    Wanted to get some sweat on so decided on airdyne sprints with easy spin between. Each 6 second sprint was 5-6 cals hard to tell exact. 117 cals total which is kinda weird cause my 10 min max cals test is only 149??? That test was a while ago but still.

    On the road again so probably running workout tomorrow and back to normal Monday but will pick up with Saturdays training.

    1. Meant to say this as well, I feel my battery or strength endurance or whatever you what to call it is improving. I feel I can do more reps per set/total reps closer to my 1rm which has never been a strength of mine from all the low volume strength work in the past.

  2. Power
    A. 125
    B. 315
    C1. 195
    C2. CTB reps