Monday, April 20, 2015

Tuesday April 21, 2015-

4 Sets @Base pace (see notes)
400m Run
15 Burpee
400m Run
15 Situps
Rest = Worlk 

*Do sets 2/4 In reverse order
low effort aerobic cool down

-If you consider your self strong /okay/ poor aerobically hit this at 85-90/ 80-85/ 75-80% respectively. For the next 6 weeks this is the pace I want you to stick to when I Rx "Base Pace". This will ensure that your operating at the correct output relative to your abilities . Ie- if someone is poor vs. excellent aerobically an 85% output will yield very different results in a given time frame. 
-If you are unsure which group you fall in  post your ... 500m Row, 10 Minute Assault bike, 15 Mile Airdyne , 10 RFT: kbs/burpee/wb, 10 RFT: 500m Row/burpee, and FT: 300c AD/200 DU/1k Row scores to the comments along with todays results and i'll let you know.

5 sets @ high effort:
21 Burpee ( no jump at top)

18 Cal row 
15 KBS 32/24 kg 
12 Box jump over 24/20"
9 Hand release push up
6 Power snatch 95/65 
rest 3 min btwn sets 

HPA - Power 
Ub strength + Gymnastic
A. T&G Push press, work to tough 5 rep
EMOM for 10 minutes:
1st min: Standing Strict Press, 3 tough reps
2nd min: Wtd Strict Pullup, 3 tough reps
rest 5 min
EMOM for 10 minutes:
1st min: Kipping Handstand push ups, 10 reps
2nd min: CTB Pullups, 10 reps  


  1. 4:18, 4:09, 4:14, 4:20
    500m row 1:29.6
    10 min ad 238 cal
    15 mile ad 41:22
    10 rft kb/burp/wb 9:30
    10 rft 500m row/burp 29:03
    Where would I fall.
    What do you recommend for low effort aerobic cool down?

    1. You'll fall in group 1 (strong aerobically). And for the cool down a low impact cyclical piece, along with foam rolling, make for a good general recomendation. Though individual preference is key. In terms of time I recommend going until you get back down to baseline. In general this will be 10-20 minutes, but can vary based on the type of workout/ how much it cranks your SNS up

  2. A. 145x5, 165x5, 175x5
    125x3x5 sets
    bw+50x3x5 sets
    5 sets of 10 unbroken

    Was a little smarter on picking my weights and knowing where to stop on the "tough" set for push press. Should have stopped at 215 yesterday on snatch but got greedy. Used zero hip drive for strict press, I use some hip drive normally. Weighted pullups could have been cleaner but still decent. Died out quickly after first 2 sets on HSPU. Was trying to work through them a little quicker and technique still needs work. First 4 sets of CTB were in 10-11 seconds and all butterfly. Last set had to kip last two cause I lost rhythm. Quick one today, only 40-45 minutes.

  3. Blue

    What a gasser. Worked hard through each round. Tried to give high effort on each round and basically go to redline at the end of each round. Each round was a little slower than the previous, but never fell off a cliff, so felt pretty good about pacing. Burpees were unbroken each round (but slow/steady by set 5). Rows were at an 1125-1250 cal/hr pace, KBS were with a 24 kg KB (don't have a 32). KBS unbroken on first 3 sets, 10/5 on last two. box jumps steady each round. Snatches were broken into either 3/3 or 2/2/2.

    Total time: 41:15 (including rest time)
    Set 1: 5:03
    Set 2: 5:18
    Set 3: 6:07
    Set 4: 6:17
    Set 5: 6:30

  4. Power

    A. 65kg
    BW+10kg, forearm still nagging :-(