Thursday, April 16, 2015

Friday April 17, 2015-

A. PS. Hang Snatch; 1.1x5; rest 2m (no drop)
B. Clean & Jerk; 1 OTM for 10 Min @75-80%
C. Back Squat; 3 reps x6 sets (heavier than monday)
D. Stiff Legged DL; 6 reps x4 sets; rest 2m 

A.Power Snatch. OHS 1.1 x 5 sets, rest 2 min 
B.Power Clean. Clean. Split Jerk 1.1.1 every 90 seconds for 9 sets ( all moderate weight)
C.Back squat @ 20X1, work to a tough set of 5 
D. GH raise @ 2020 4-6 repsx 5 sets , rest 1 min 

HPA - Power 
A. Bench Press, 1rm
B. Bench Press, max unbroken reps @ 85% & 75%RM w/ 3 min b/t sets
C. Deadlift, 1rm
For time:
500m Row 

10 min EZ cool down on bike   


  1. Blue


    A) 155#,155#,155#,165#,165#
    B) 5 Sets @195# & 4 Sets @200#
    C) 185#,225#,250#
    *Focused maintaining an upright posture and minimize core collapse. Which I've been struggling with recently.
    D) Completed w/20#
    *Felt good today was well rested. My academy schedule has really limited my ability to train like I want to.

  2. A. 265
    B. 225x4, 195x7
    C. 495
    Ran out of time

    Actually found a small crossfit in the town where I had an interview today. The owner was nice enough to let me come in and train even thought they don't offer regular classes on Fridays. I was happy with training today, literally haven't bench presses in a year so was happy with 265 cause I don't think I was hitting that when I benched before. The most I have pulled in the past two years is 500, definitely could of pulled 500-505 today but 495 was grinder enough and he only had bumpers so it's all that would fit on the bar. Hit a wall at the 300 meter mark on row and slowed significantly, first time rowing 500 for time. Good day for training on the road.

  3. A 195 for all
    B 220 for all
    C 335 for all
    D 255 for all

  4. Blue

    A. 130/135/140/145/145 - these felt good. Power snatch the limiter obviously. Felt really solid on the OHS.
    B. 145 for all 9 sets. Nice moderate weight ( 72% of PC 1 rm)
    C. 165#/195# - tougher than I was expecting. Have never really squatted at the end of a workout. Different feel. Also first time tempo squatting in probably close to a year. Forgot how much harder it is to get out of the hole. Felt myself not keeping my chest up well on the last rep or two at 195#
    D. Subbed hip bridge roll outs for ghr. Need to pick up a PVC pipe to finish off my homemad ghd. Will be good to go on those this upcoming week.

    Video if each movement posted to fb page

  5. Power:

    A. 115kg :-(
    B. 97,5kg x3 - 86kg x5
    C. 180kg :-(

    Very unhappy with the BP and DL, my strength levels dropped considerably after not training for 2 months...