Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monday April 27, 2015-

A. Sn Pull. Hang Ps. High Hang Sn; 1 complex every other min x5 sets (no drop)
B. FS @21x1; 4 reps x8 sets; rest 2m (heavier than last weeks 5's)
C. Supinated Grip Pendlay Row @21x1; 8-10x3, rest 90s
15 Minute Z1 Row
*Get up every 5m and complete a 60m Farmer carry @32/1.5 kg per arm


  1. Snatch. Hang snatch 1.1 every other minute for 10 min
  2. Back squat @ 20X1, work to a tough set of 4
  3. Chest supported Barbell row 6-8 reps, rest 90 seconds x 4 sets
  4. Single arm farmers carry 400m for time, switch arms every 100m (32kg/24kg

HPA - Power
Snatch varied - snatch drop set - squat varied - core/pchain
A. Power snatch . High Hang Squat snatch . Above knee hang Squat snatch, 1.1.1 -- work to tough set
B. Power snatch . High Hang Squat snatch . Above knee hang Squat snatch, 1.1.1 @ 92% of part A x 2 sets rest 1m30 -2min
C. Back Squat @ 20X1, 4 reps @ 75%RM x 4 sets rest 3 min -- include effort in notes
D1. DB wtd Back ext, 10-12 reps x 4 sets rest 1 min
D2. Hollow Body hold, :30 x 4 sets rest 1 min  


  1. A 50, 60, 65, 70, 70. .
    B 135kg for 4
    C 60 kg using bench and plates for support
    D 2.15 minutes with 32 kg KB
    E Bro-time Bench - I got 4 reps out of 100kg. ;)

  2. A 180 for all
    B 250 for Al
    C 210

  3. Blue
    A. 125/125/130/130/130 (about 80% of 1 rm). Need to work on not bumping off of my hips, especially from the hang.
    B. 175/200/220 - First 3 reps felt pretty easy at 220, but 4th rep was a bit of a grind.
    C. 110/120/125/125
    D. 5:03 - Don't have a 32 kg KB, so loaded up an EZ Curl bar that I had laying around. Makes for some interesting work trying to keep the bar from rotating. Seeing Rory's time on this makes me feel slow. Not sure I could go faster than a quick walk w/the bar. Left arm carry was significantly harder than right arm.

    Video of snatch/hang snatch and squat going up on fb page shortly.

  4. A. 155, 165, 175 - no misses, grip without question limiting factor, have video.
    B. 160f, 160 x 2 sets
    C. 265 - no belt, moved quick and easy, got video of two sets
    D1. RDL - 225x8x4 sets (no place for back raises)
    D2. first two sets arms overhead, last two seconds arms overhead for 15 sec, at side for 15 sec

    I assumed the snatch complex was to be done without straps. I have very very small hands so grip was definitely a limiting factor. Haven't done a lot of heavy work while hanging onto the hook especially in full squat positions, over all snatch work was kinda ugly.