Friday, April 24, 2015

Saturday April 25, 2015-

3 Rounds For Time @Base Pace
550m Row
20 BJ Overs (24")
20 KBS (1.5/1)
1 Mile Airdyne
10-15m Low effort/ low impact aerobic cool down

20 min @ moderate effort:
400m row 

15 R arm KB snatch 24/16kg
400m run 
15 L arm KB snatch 24/16kg 

HPA - Power 
Ub strength - Gymnastic - mixed EMOM
Squat Snatch . Snatch balance, 1.1 @ 67%RM x 10 sets rest 1 min
A. Bench Press, work to tough set of 6 reps
B. Bench Press, 6 reps @ 90% of part A x 3 sets rest 2 min
EMOM for 10 minutes:
3 Ring Muscle ups every 1 minute 
rest 5 min
12 min EMOM:
1st min: 3 Bar Muscle ups
2nd min: 6 Push Jerk @ 155lb/105lb 


  1. Blue

    2 full rounds + finished through run on 3rd round (so what, 2.75 rounds?).

    Fell off on my 3rd round some. First two rounds rows were about 1:54 pace. Broke KB snatches into 10/5 for each arm. Run was about a 8:00/mile pace, I think. Last round I was fading a little bit. Row dropped to about a 2:01/500m pace. Snatches for R arm broken up into 7/5/3. Finished the run at 20:10.

  2. Blue
    3 full rounds, + 288m row.
    1) 1.28 400m, (1.53/500)
    2) 1.34 400m (1.57)
    3) 1.30 (1.52.5)
    4) 288m 1.01 (1.46/500m)
    I didn't kill myself over this one. gently aerobic. Took lots of rest on the KB snatches, 5/5/5.

  3. Nice work men! I haven't been posting because I'm doing some individual programming with Evan. Need to work on a few things.

  4. Power

    squat snatch . snatch balance - 145 (paused in catch position on each)
    A. 185x6, 205x6
    B. 185x6x2 sets, 185x5 (no spot so didn't push it)
    all sets MU unbroken
    done (subbed 8 unbroken CTB for bar MU, can't do bar MU, ceiling too low)

    Solid session today for traveling this weekend. Muscle ups were very smooth for doing after bench press and CTB were very smooth today. Shoulders feel the best they have in months right now. Got video of muscle ups will post on FB page.

    1. Will probably take tomorrow off and then do Monday's workout on tuesday. We will see how I feel.