Friday, October 30, 2015

Saturday October 31, 2015-

5 Rounds For Time:
1,000m Row 
15 Thrusters @75#
15 Burpee
15 C2B Pullups 

-This is a test- please leave as detailed feedback as possible regarding limitations, rounds splits, strategy etc. 

HPA - Power 
A. 100m ALL OUT row @ damper 10 x 8 sets rest :90 b/t sets 
B. :90 Max Bar Muscle ups 
5 KB swings 32kg/24kg-- if you have a heavier bell and can go heavier then please do
5 Step down burpse Box jumps @ 30"/24"


  1. Power:

    A. 16.0- 16.0- 16.1- 16.4- 16.3- 16.2- 16.4- 16.3
    B. none :-( still havent been able to do them again
    C. did the emom with 36kg KB, scaled the burpee bj to 3 reps to stay with 35 sec. range

  2. A. stayed around 17-19 seconds
    B. 14
    did some other home gym comp class work.

  3. Fuck me, that sucked!

    My rounds ended at roughly 6:30, 15:00, 24:00, 33:30, 43:43

    If it's not obvious, that crushed my soul.

    For strategy, I just tried to stay well behind redline. Unfortunately, that didn't work. By the middle of round two, I felt like I was breathing through a straw and moving through mud. I felt like I used to anytime I tried to eat "Paleo" and didn't have enough carbs for fuel. I just felt hollow, slow and like I could quit at anytime.

    I rowed at a 2:00 pace with the damper on a 1 to conserve energy and grip strength.

    Round 1 went ok. Thrusters were unbroken, burpees were moderately paced and I went 10-5 on pull-ups.

    Round 2 was much slower, and I went 8-7 on thrusters, crawl up burpees and 5-5-5 pull-ups

    Round 3-5 were about the same.

    My mistakes were:
    - not properly fueling. I did this around 12:45 after breakfast (6 eggs @ 5:45 and some bread at 11:00am)
    - pacing a little fast and thinking I could go unbroken on everything but the pull-ups and stay consistent
    - not properly resting/eating over the weekend.


  4. Power:
    A. fastest to slowest score 20.7 to 21.7
    B. 3 (singles) I have that chicken wing thing going
    C. subbed for some comp wods

  5. Gold

    Time: 39:31

    Forgot to copy down exact times for rounds but went somewhat like this....

    Round 1: 6:10 or so
    Round 2: 7:30 or so
    Round 3-5: 8:45-9:00

    Had to sub 1 mile airdyne for 1000 meter row, I am finally getting a rower soon though so that will be good. Biggest limiter was muscle endurance on burpees and CTB pullups. Goal was to go slow and steady from the gate, but as you can see I still went much faster on first round than I probably should have. I used the airdyne as much as active rest as I could, really went pretty slow. Thrusters were all unbroken and really not that bad either, probably could have done 20 each round without that much trouble. Burpees were a killer, plan was to crawl through them, muscle endurance on the pushup was a little bit of a problem here, but killed breathing if I went very fast at all. Pullups were split 8/7 first two rounds and then 5/5/5 last three. CTB's just really feel in a funk right now. I obviously haven't been doing as much volume on them since switching to gold and I also feel like I probably need to warm up better on them to dial in technique. My muscle still felt like they were low on glycogen for something from throwing up all weekend, after first couple rounds they just kinda felt "depleted" and had a hard time recovering for burpees and CTB's. Left bicep feels tweaked a little from not controlling drop on pullups enough at times, nothing major just need to do better there.

    1. Also probably biggest hurdle for me was mental, never done anything that long and was tough to tell myself to keep going after the first 15 minutes.