Sunday, December 28, 2014

Monday December 29th 2014

A. 2 Tng Snatch Every 90s until failure- start @70%, add 5lb per minute.
B. FS; 2 reps x5 sets; rest 2-3m (heavy, no grinders).
C. GH Raise; 8-10x 3 sets; rest 60s

3 Sets:
40 cal AD
20 C2B Pullups
Rest 2-3m

A. 1 Snatch Every minute until failure; start @115/80 and add 5-10lb every other minute (ie- same loading for two consecutive sets)
B. Double Barrel Front Squat; 5-5-4-4-3-3; rest 2-3m (see notes for demo)
For Time:
30 Cleans (135/95#)
30 Burpee BJ Overs (30/24")
30 Toes to Bar
30 Alternating Pistols *no pistols--> see notes

-No pistols d0--> 30 Walking Lunge w/30lbs/20lbs per arm
-Double Barrel FSq demo (

HPA - Power
C&J int - Bsquat int - Ring MU battery
A. cluster Squat clean thruster, 1.1 -- build to max
B. Hang Power clean & Push Jerk, 3 TOUGH reps every minute x 5 sets
C. Back Squat @ 20X1, build to tough set of 3 within 5-6 sets
15 burpee ring muscle ups for time x 2 sets rest 4 min


  1. Results

    A) Failed 2nd rep @195# (full squat snatch
    *Surprised I made to 195# because my energy level still isn't 100%
    B) 135#x2, 145#x2, 155#x2
    *1st time squatting in this format it was very different.
    Skipped, not mentally and physically ready for this today.

  2. Blue

    Did Saturday's metcon yesterday so no rest day in between today's workout = mistake.
    A) failed first 185#. Not great for me. Legs felt like lead
    B) 135x5, 135x5,155x4, 155x4, 165x3,165x3 (first time doing these. even light weights were tough)
    subbed power cleans for cleans at 135#. Legs were done at this point. Did pistols but had to hold onto a box for stability at the bottom. Balance issues with pistols.

  3. A 195
    B 290,295,300,305x2
    C done at body weight

  4. Gold

    A) 190, failed on 2nd 195
    B) 275 all sets
    C) 8x3 BW
    Going to be dropping in all week, AD at this gym didn't count cals so I went for 2 min and then did the c2b, but didn't get to time it. First set I did butterfly, 2nd and 3rd set were strict because the rip on my hand from Friday was getting worse.

  5. Blue

    A. 115, 125, 135, 145, 155 (PR'd twice)
    B. 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165

    Pretty stoked that I PR'd my snatch at 155, but then failed 165, which is body weight for me. Just couldn't lock it out!
    As for the metcon, did everything as Rx, which was pretty terrible. Lungs and legs were shot for the remainder of the WOD.

  6. Blue

    A. reached 160, did it once, failed at the bottom the second time. felt like I could do more but failed because of technique.
    B. 185x5, 195x5, 205x4, 215x4, 225x3, 235x3
    really started feeling the impact of the cleans and box jumps on my lower back, also I've been breaking in my first pair of lifters which I left on for the cleans and pistols which I think affected me a bit.