Monday, December 29, 2014

Tuesday December 30th 2014

A. Jerk Support; 2-2-1-1; rest 2m (2's @100% Jerk max, 1's @103-105% jerk max)
B. Split Jerk; 1.1 x5 setsl; rest 10s/ 2m
500m Row @2k PR Pace
Rest 2m x4 Sets.
*If you do not have an established 2k PR hit these @85%.
*Aim for precision b/w sets.

A. Push Press; 5x5; rest 2-3m (heavy across)
B. 2 Deficit Kip HSPU Every 90s until failure- start @45/25lb plate as deficit, add 10lb bumper each set. (measure height of last compelted set)
5 Rounds For Time:
15 Cal Airdyne
200m Farmer Carry for time @32kg/arm, 24kg/arm

HPA - Power
Snatch (mod) - Split jerk (tech) vertical Strength
A. Snatch balance, 2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1 rest 1 min (all moderate sets with inc weight)
B. Front Squat . split jerk, 1 moderate rep x 8 sets rest 1m10 (inc weight each set)
EMOM for 10 minutes:
1st min: Hanging L-sit :10-:15
2nd min: 5 Btn Strict Press @ challenging weight


  1. Blue


    A) 185#, 195#x4 Sets
    B) Completed as Rx'd-successful at
    9 3/4" deficit, failed at 11"
    5 Rds-4:47
    Farmers Carry w/70# DB's-1:26 UB
    *Feeling a little better today but not 100% just yet.

  2. A 275 (2's), 305 (1's)
    B 265 for all
    1:44 pace for the 4 rounds.

  3. Blue

    A. 155 for 2 sets, 165 for 3 sets
    B. reached approx. 8-9 inches deficit
    clock got changed on me accidentally, I would estimate about 6 min

  4. Blue

    A. 155x5
    B. 16-17"
    Farmer Carry complete

    I tried going to 18" on the kipping HSPUs but I couldn't figure out where to position my hands. I was basically on my fingertips!