Thursday, December 18, 2014

Friday December 19, 2014-

Clean Intense+ Dynamic Effort DL (battery @low-->mod load)+ Upper Volume (EMOM)
A. PC. High Hang Clean; 1.1x6; rest 2-3m (no drop b/w reps)
B. 2 Deadlift OTM for 8 Minutes @70-75% 1RM
EMOM for 20 Minutes
3 tough CGBP (Min 1-5)
10 C2B Pullups (Min 5-10)
3 Strict Deficit HSPU (Min 10-15)
10 Toes to Bar (Min 15-20)

*Ie- 3 CGBP OTM for 5m, then 10 c2b OTM for 5m...etc

HPA- Blue
A. Front squat @ 21X1, 4 reps x 4-5 sets , rest 3 min ( target weight for working sets should be 80%)
B. Deadlift, work to a tough set of 3 touch and go quickly 
10 rounds for time:
3 Clean @ 65%RM

5 Box jump 40/30 "

HPA - Power
Snatch - C&J - short work (Xtra rest)
A. Above knee Hang squat snatch, 2-2-1-1 rest 2 min
B. Squat Clean & split jerk, build to tough set (not a max)
3 sets:
:60 Power clean & Push jerk (115lb/85lb)
:60 Max cals on Airdyne
rest 3 min  


  1. Blue


    A) 236#x4 sets
    B) 365#
    10 Rds (BJ @30"-Clean @175#)

  2. Blue w/ Vic this morning:


    A) 236#x4 x4 sets
    B) 365#
    10 rounds (used our overhead platform - 38" for BJ, 160# for cleans)
    Box jumps were slow, didn't want to miss and fall on my face. But cleans were hardest part. Front squats my weakest lift + part A/B + 30 squat cleans = lower back just locked up

  3. Blue

    A. 180x5
    B. 300
    10:22 (Clean @135, BJ @30")

    I had to scale the box jumps down to 30". I've never done a 40" box jump and didn't want to try without any coffee in my system. Anyway, no misses or bloody shins, so maybe I'll try increasing the height in practice sessions.

  4. A 235 for all
    B 320 for all
    Emom completed

  5. A) fs at 95kg 5 sets
    B) worked on my clean technique- built up to my PR 100kg.
    Tng DL 140kg
    12.33 38inch

  6. Gold

    A) 245 all sets
    B) 345 all sets
    205 for CGBP
    All C2B UB
    HSPU at 3"X1, 4"X4
    All T2B UB

  7. A. Did the back squats from Monday because I did front squats during a drop in that day.
    1x255, 4x275
    B. blister on my hand from Wed ripped so I stopped at 315, definitely could have gone up.
    Cleans @ 155
    Box Jumps @ approx. 34-36" (used soft boxes so i wasn't quite sure about the exact measurement. was able to hit 40" one time, but was too high to hit under fatigue multiple times. PR I guess haha)