Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wednesday December 30, 2015-

A. WPU; build to a max
B1. Push Press; 10-10-10, rest 20s
B2. Strict HSPU; 1:00 AMRAP x3, rest 3m
10 Minute AMRAP:
C2B Pullup
BJ Step Down (30")

HPA - Power
A. High Hang Squat Snatch, smash your old 1rm
B. Power Clean, work to tough triple

C. Back Squat , work to solid single
10 min EMOM:
2 T&G Tough but fast Deadlift 
2 High Box jump from seated position  
E. For time:
GH raises 
Toes to bar 


  1. Gold:

    A. 70. The last bit of the pull is the limiting factor on this. 75+ gets up there easy just that last inch gets me.
    B. Push Press 115. HSPU 11,9,10
    C. 21 CTB and 18 Box Jump.

  2. GOld:

    B. PP @ 95, Strict HSPU 8-9-5
    C. 18's + 6 C2b

  3. Gold

    A. 70, 90, 105 PR
    B1. 135 all sets
    B2. 11, 7, 6 - was fatigued from burpees yesterday for sure
    21 CTB pullups + 8 box jumps

    Happy with pullup work, mostly broke into sets of 3-6, tried to keep rest short, could have maybe cut it a little shorter but I'm definitely happy with 84 pullups. I felt like I could have kept going at same pace but was just on the edge of hitting the wall at times on pullups, felt like I paced it pretty good.