Thursday, December 24, 2015

Friday December 25, 2015-

A. Clean; build to a max
B. Back Squat; 5.5 x3, rest 60s/3m
C. Clean Pull; 3x3; rest 2m (100-105%)
D. Core Work- your choice
20 Minute Row @65-70%

HPA - Power
A. Snatch Balance, work to max 
B. Below Knee Hang Power clean, work to tough triple
C. Back Squat Cluster , work to tough 2.2 with :20 b/t
D. EMOM x 18 minutes: 

1st min: 3 Max Heigh Vertical Jumps

2nd min: 3 Tough Deadlift

3rd min: 9 Unbroken Kipping hspu (largest deficit possible)
E. 3 sets @ high effort

Toes to bar 
GH Raises 
rest :90 b/t sets  

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