Thursday, December 31, 2015

Friday January 1, 2015-

A. PC. Clean; 1 complex x5 sets, rest 2m (75% last weeks max)
B. Back Squat; 3.3.3 x3, rest 30s/3m
5:00 AMRAP:
Burpee Ring Muscle Up
EMOM for 20 Minutes:
1st: 3 tough strict deficit hspu
2nd: 3 tng PC @60-65%

HPA - Power
A. High Hang Squat Snatch, work to max 
B. Power clean, work to tough T&G double
C. Back Squat, work to solid single
D. EMOM x 10 minutes: 

2 tough but fast T&G deadlifts 
2 High box jumps from Seated position (about 12-16" depending on height)
E. For time: 

GH raises 
Toes to bar 

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  1. Gold

    A. 225, 225, 235, 235, 245 - all touch and go
    B. 255, 285, 315 - surprised myself here
    1st: 4 inches x 3 sets, 5 inches x 7 sets
    2nd: 165 all sets

    Happy with today. PC/C complex was good way to work back into some squat cleans. I definitely think my strength endurance has gotten better, I think my best recent set of 3 is 345 and today I did 9 reps at 315 in a cluster set and this is after a recent injury. Still getting a little tingling sciatica too, kinda weird, not all the time, only sometimes. Happy with muscle ups, paced it just right, did 30 in 13-14 minutes this time last year. EMOM actually felt like aerobic work which I think was the goal. HSPU were tough towards the end.