Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wednesday May 27, 2015-

25 Minute Airdyne @70%

A. PP. SJ; 3.1x5; rest 10s/2m
B1. Strict Press; 1.1x5, rest 15s/90s (heavier than last weeks 2's)
B2. WPU;, rest 10s/90s (inc from last week's 2.2)
3-5 Sets:
Max UB Strict C2B Pullup Cluster x2 (30s b/w clusters)
10-15 UB Strict Press @50% 1RM
Rest 2m 


A. Power Clean .Push Jerk . Split Jerk 1.1.1 OTM for 10 min w/ increasing weight
B. Clean grip deadlift 3,1,3,1,3,1 rest 2-3 min
C. 2 muscle ups every 30 seconds for 10 min or until failure
D. 30 strict pronated C2B pull ups for time

HPA - Power 
A. Deadlift @ 11X1 (this is full rest on floor) @ 85%RM 2 reps every :90 x 6 sets
5 sets @ 90%:
30 sec Airdyne
30 sec rest
30 sec Power Snatch @ 75lb
30 sec rest
30 sec Airdyne
30 sec rest
30 sec OHS @ 75lbs
30 sec rest 


  1. Blue

    Was running a little short on time today because of work, so had to shorten this up a little.

    A. 140/145/150/155/160/165/170/175/180/185(failed split jerk) - 185 is probably about as much as I've ever push jerked. Cleans were no issue here. Definitely jerks as limiter.
    B. 265/295/275/305/285/315 -Felt good here. Hips might've shot up a bit on the last two sets, but felt solid overall.

    Only had 5 min left at this point. Did a 5 min strict c2b AMRAP. Got 14. Still feeling the effects of Murph in shoulders/lats, I think.

  2. Power

    420 - heavy but smooth

    Airdyne x 8 cals
    Power snatch x 10
    Airdyne x 8 cals
    OHS x 12

    Solid session. Aerobic work seemed right in the sweet spot but maybe could have pushed harder on airdyne. Won't be able to train again till Monday due to traveling, with pick up with programming then. Might even.....go for a run tomorrow.....I know crazy right?!

  3. Power

    A.153kg felt ok after the long lay off

    AD kept it @85rpm forgot to check the calories. Sorry!
    Power Snatch x8
    AD @85 rpm
    OHS x6

    Felt hard and really noticed I haven't trained in a while