Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friday May 22, 2015-

A. Clean Cluster; 2.2.2x3, rest 15s/2m
B1. BS; 3 reps x6 sets, rest 20s
B2. Tall BJ Cluster; 1.1.1x6, rest 10s/2m
4 Sets @tough effort
10 UB Push Press @95
10 UB Deadlift @175
100ft Prowler Sprint Out & Back (tough, grindign weight)
Walk/ Rest to recovery 

A. Hang Clean, Build OTM for 10 min 
B. Back Squat 3 x 6 , rest 2-3 min 
C. GH raise 4-6 x 5 , rest 90 seconds
D. For Time:

C2B pull up
40- 32-24-16-8
Double under 

HPA - Power
A. Squat Clean & Split jerk, 1 rep @ 87-89%RM x 5 sets rest 2 min (no fails)
B. Front Squat, 1 reps @ 91%RM x 7 sets rest 2 min
C1. GH Raises @ 40X0, 8-10 reps x 5 sets, 30 sec
C2. GH Sit-ups @ 40X0, 10 reps x 5 sets, 30 sec


  1. Blue

    A. 145/150/155/160/165/170/175/180/185/190 - 190 was a hang clean PR. Have been feeling good on the hang cleans lately.
    B. 225/230/235 (failed on 4th rep @ 235) - Legs a little fatigued from the hang cleans. Rested about 2:45 between sets and felt like I wasn't quite recovered by the third set. Feel like I would've gone 235-240 with a little more rest between sets
    C. No GHD available today; subbed banded pull-throughs. Did 5 sets of 8.
    D. 6:21 - C2B was the limiter here. Also of note, had pretty bad shin splints today for some reason. Hurt pretty bad on the DUs, but just worked through it w/the weekend coming up. Ibuprofen, some lacrosse ball work and a little rest and I suspect it will be fine.

  2. Power

    A. 245 (89%) - felt ok, sluggish today from being out late at a wedding
    B. 285 - last 3-4 sets felt pretty smooth for 91%

    This was all I had time for today, I don't have a GHR at home anyway. We have family in and more coming in for a small celebration for my son who turns 1 on Wednesday so had to get everything done on his nap and before everyone else got here. Split jerk still needs alot of work, gotta get my front foot out further so I can drop further under. Should get some good rest today and be fresh tomorrow.