Thursday, May 28, 2015

Friday May 29, 2015-

A. Power Clean. Hang PC. Hang Clean; build to a tough set
B. BS; 2x8, rest 3m
5 Rounds For Time:
3 UB Muscle Up
5 BJ Step Down @30"
7 Deadlift @275

  1. Back Squat 3,2,1,3,2,1 rest 2-3 min ( second wave heavier than first)
  2. Squat Clean, 1 rep OTM for 10 min ( build per set)
  3. For TIme:
          Clean 77% of highest weight of B

          Deficit HSPU (10”/5”) 

HPA - power 
Fri - C&J varied - c&j drop set - fsquat - pchain/core
A. Squat Clean & Split jerk, 1 RM -- Go for it!
B. Front Squat @ 50X1, 1 rep @ 85%RM x 4 sets rest 2 min
3 sets:
100ft DB Walking Lunges holding 50lb/30lb (per hand)
15 GHD sit ups
rest 2 min b/t sets


  1. Blue

    A. 250/260/270/255/265/275
    B. 150 -> 195. Added 5 pounds each minute. 195 was tough, but not an issue. Might've should've started at 155 or 160.
    C. 11:57 - Deficit was only 5". Did the first two HSPU at about 8" and that was all I could get. Have never done this many deficit HSPU in my life, so was pretty happy to get through this. Cleans were at 155# and not a problem. Could've done them touch and go, but dropped each and picked it up w/no rest.

  2. Power

    A. 255, 285 missed jerk, 285 - this might tie all time PR, clean only - 305 - all time PR, 315 x miss x 2
    B. 265 - moved well on way up, 4th set actually the best

    3 sets (this was deceptively sucky)
    80ft db walking lunges w/50lb
    15 GHD Situps

    Very solid day again. 285 might tie on all time clean and jerk PR, not sure, either way haven't hit that kinda weight in several years. Clean was easy but jerk still freakin sucks. Was feeling froggy so wanted to hit some heavy cleans, 305 is an all time PR, and first time ever attempting a 315 clean. Wussed out on the first attempt, second attempt got under it but was out of position to stand up with it. Probably wasn't quite ready to attempt 315 and back was a little tight afterwards but seemed to be fine, but either way glad I attempted it. Definitely would like another shot at 315 this summer. Will probably try and get in some zone 1 work this afternoon, or map 10 whatever the heck opt calls it now.

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    2. Ok looked by in my logs, all time PR clean and jerk is 295 at probably 185 bw, was 171 today. All time PR clean is 305 at about 185 bw, and again was 171 today. So not all time PR's yet, but soon. Those numbers were from 2011 in August, so almost 4 years ago.

  3. Power:

    A. 85kg, but was sore all over from training the previous days. No way near my PR and this number will hopefully climb again fast :-)

    B. was a bit afraid I would not make the tempo at the required weight. So i started with 85kg, then did 90kg and ended with 2 sets @92,5kg which is 85% of my current 1rm FS.