Sunday, May 24, 2015

Monday May 25, 2015-

A. PS; 3.2.1x4; rest 10s/2m (build each set)
B. FS: build to a max
10 Round For TIme:
1 Legless Rope Climb
200ft Run (100ft out and back)
20 Minute Run @70%

HPA - Power 
Mon - Snatch varied - snatch drop set - squat varied - core/pchain
A. Squat Snatch, 1 rep every :70 until 2 fails -- start @ 70%RM and add 5lb every set
B. Back Squat, find 1rm
C. Back Squat @ 30X0, max unbroken reps until tempo is lost (or failure)
C. 3 sets:
8-12 Lying Leg Curls on Swiss Ball @ 40X0
10 sec rest
8-12 GH Raises @ 20X0
2 min rest


  1. With no Blue posted, got roped into doing Murph for the first time ever. I am no bodyweight ninja, so didnt expect to do great. Got bogged down by push ups at the end. First run in 8:40, last run in 10:05. Total time:


  2. Power

    A. snatch - started at 150, up to 215 with no misses, 220f, 220, 225, 230f, 230, 235f
    B. back squat - 365, 375, 385
    C. tempo back squat at 85% - 325x4 - controlled tempo much better
    D1. GHR x 10 x 4 sets, rest 10 sec
    D2. GHD situp x 10, 10lbs x 10, 15lbs x 10, bw x 20 (only went to parallel on these), rest 2 mins

    FREAKING AWESOME DAY! Only hit 205 on snatch during test phase, then hit 215 week after test fast so 15 pound increase in like 6-7 weeks and under fatigue, without snatching heavier than 195 since then. Wasn't sure if it was 2 misses total or two misses at same weight, but wanted 230 bad and knew it was there so went after it again. Only 5lbs under an all time PR and most I have snatched in 2-3 years probably. Huge increase on squat too, whole not an all time PR I was just getting used to high bar squatting again right before test phase so the 30lb increase may be a tad inflated but not much, still VERY solid increase. On max reps with tempo at 85% got same number I got 4 weeks ago but with 25 more pounds, but controlled TEMPO much better. Felt like I could have controlled tempo for 2-3 more reps but knew I couldn't stand up with a 5th. For work at the end, I trained a STRONG Gym and I am not even sure they own a swiss ball so I just went with parallell GHD situps and GHRs today. Got a membership for the summer so will go up there periodically, will probably go in tomorrow so I can get some work on bar muscle ups. GREAT DAY!

  3. A: 50kg-52,5-55-57,5-60-62,5-65-67,5F-67,5-70F

    B: 120kg

    C: 1 rep, second rep couldn't get up