Monday, March 30, 2015

Tuesday March 31, 2015-

A. DB Bench Press; 8-10x4; rest 60-90s b/w sets (use this to get warm /prepped for B)
B. CGBP; 5x5; rest 2m (keep reps explosive)
C. Chest Supported BB Row; 14-12-10-8; rest 2m
D. Loaded Hang From Bar; 20-30s x2-3 sets; rest 60-90s (use jsut enough weight to feel the stretch in lats)


A. Standing strict press, work to a tough set of 3 
B. Weighted pronated chin up, work to a max
10 min EMOM: 1st: 2-3 RIng Muscle up
2nd: 5/5 Alt pistols
+ 10 min EMOM: 1st: 8-10 Kipping HSPU 2nd: 3 tng power clean, tough weight 

HPA - Power
Tue - split jerk - gymnastic
A. Split jerk, 1 rep every :70 x 10 sets ( all sets @ 70%RM )
EMOM for 10 minutes:
1st min: 3 WTD pullups
2nd min: 3 push press (not too tough -- just get the job done)
rest 5 min
EMOM for 12 minutes:
1std min: 3-4 Ring Muscle ups
2nd min: 5/5 alt pistols
3rd min: 6 strict handstand push ups (adjust deficit to make tough)
10 min recovery row


  1. Replies
    1. Right there with you:-) Luckily another 6 or 7 hours until I get to the gym, so hopefully it'll be up by then.

  2. Did a 30min Row since Blue wasn't posted by the time I got to the box. Onward!!!

  3. A. 115# - Strict press/pressing strength in general has always been a pretty severe weakness for me.
    B. 32.5# (+ 190 bodyweight) - A & B pretty much hit where I need work over the next year.
    3 Chest-to-bar (no muscle-ups yet) - These felt nice and solid.
    5/5 pistols - done without issue
    6 Kipping HSPU (lowered from 8 based on my score from 15.4...37)
    3 TnG Power Cleans (150#) - This seemed to be a good tough weight. Manageable and didn't degrade form, but had to work hard the last couple of minutes

  4. Red

    A. 185#

    EMOM10: 25#, 165#

    EMOM 12: Done

    Row: Done

  5. Gold

    A) Done

    B) Could not bench because my gym does not have a single bench lol, my owner had us do weighted ring push ups at a 3.3x3 temp with a 20 pound weighted vest. Collected 25 reps

    C) also could not perform (sorry)

    D) Done

  6. Red:

    A. 125#

    EMOM 10:
    5# 5# 5# 5# 8#
    105# 105# 105$ 110# 110#

    EMOM 12: Completed (3 MU all in singles)