Friday, March 27, 2015

Saturday March 28, 2015-

HPA GOLD, BLUE, & Power-
Open WOD 15.5
*Post score & event recap to comments. 


  1. 15.5 - 9.05
    Row was steady throughout - kept a pace of 20-25 with one calorie per stroke.
    Thrusters - broke into sets.
    27 (17, 10)
    21 (11, 10)
    15 (7, 5, 3)
    9 AGONY (5, 2, 2)

  2. @Rory - Great job, man!

    First time commenting on the blog. Have been following other programming, but jumping in here starting Monday. Excited to follow the blue programming. Thought I'd go ahead and post my results.

    15.5 - 13:44
    Didn't want to burn out on the row, so shot for a steady 1000 cals/hr each round. Kept that pace, although it feel off to about 975 cal/hr on the 9 cal row. Thrusters tried to break into sets of 3. Didn't quite succeed.
    27 (9/9/9)
    21 (7/7/7)
    15 (4/4/4/3)
    9 (4/2/2/1). Mad about the last single rep. Just couldn't lock out the 9th rep at the top, so had to drop the bar and pick it back up. Probably ended up costing me 7-10 seconds.

    Again, looking forward to joining the "team"!

  3. 15.5-10:26, just miserable

  4. 10:10 might redo Monday, traveling so diet has been off

  5. @Matt Thanks dude

    I'm also excited to what the future programming brings!
    @Evan, It would be great to have some explanation of the methods of our periodisation - when we start respective strength cycles/ aerobic capacity cycles etc. I suppose we're onto a testing period now? Thanks

  6. I'd also be interested in a quick note or explanation about cycles that we're starting. I tend to nerd out on things like that, so if it's not too much trouble, would be awesome to learn a little bit more about what we're doing as we go.