Sunday, March 29, 2015

Monday March 30, 2015-

This will be a transition week for HPA Gold. Volume/ Intensity will be moderate this week, and we will get touches on elements you havent seen in awhile. Also note that we will begin the off season cycle next week. If anyone following this program qualified for regionals (or is going as part of a team) contact me personally at and I will write you individualized programming leading into the event for no charge since this program will be moving into an offseason phase (in order to accommodate the majority).


A. Power Clean & PJ; build to a tough single
5 Rounds For Time @85%
5 G2OH @77% of "A"- all reps as singles
5 Box Jump Step down @34/24"
10 Min Airdyne @75-80%

Option 2:
Retest Open 15.5

Same format as HPA-GOLD, for anyone looking for a personal program going into regionals email

A. Power Snatch 1.1, work to a challenging set
B. Power Clean. Push Jerk , work to a challenging set ( touch and go from the shoulders)
3 sets @ 85%
1 min Airbike
1 min burpee to 6" touch
1 min Power snatch 115/ 75# ( drop every rep)
rest 3 min

Option 2: 
Re-test Open 15.5 

HPA - Power 
Similar to gold program this will be a transitioning week from anyone who may have been competing in this 5 week open qualifier. All movements will be similar to the last 5-6 weeks however a slight deload on volume/intensity. Following this upcoming week will be a testing phase and for anyone who qualified for regionals, I would not recommend this testing phase. Please email me directly at and we can take measures from there. 
A. Power snatch . Above knee hang power snatch, 1.1 - work to tough set without dropping bar
B. Power Clean & Push Jerk, work to tough rep (no pause no re dip into push jerk)
5 sets @ 85% effort
5 Power clean & Jerk @ 155lb/115lb (all singles) 

5 Front Squat @ same weight
5 Deadlifts @ same weight
30 Double Unders
rest 2min

Option 2: retest open 15.5


  1. Blue


    A) 175#
    B) 205#
    3 Sets
    -AD: 28,25,26
    -PS: 11,10,11
    *Had morning PT at the academy this morning so I was a bit sluggish this evening. Strength portion felt heavy.

  2. Blue

    A. 135#
    B. 170#
    3 Sets
    -AD: 75-80 rpm each round (batteries died on the AD)
    -Burpees: 13/14/13
    -PS: 5/6/6

    @Vic...nice numbers. Making me feel like I need to get stronger:-)

  3. Red a. 195#
    B. 245#
    1:00, :58, :58, :59, 1:10 (dubs got me on the last set)

  4. Red:

    A: 145#
    B. 215#

    5 sets @ 85%: Done. I did not get my exact times. Was around the 1:20- 1:30 throughout.

    Need new legs after 15.5

  5. Red:

    A. 95#
    B. 140#
    C. Completed 5 sets. Times were: 1:40; 1:50; 1:31; 1:46; 1:34